Disabled pensioner’s telephone cut off

This BT complaint beggers belief, just have a read of this!

Dear BT

My disabled pensioner father has had his telephone cut off. What kind of service is this. I wish to make an official complaint. My father is nearly 80 and is registered disabled and has trouble hearing. He hardly ever uses the phone because he cannot make out what people are saying on it. He always pays his bill by cheque. He has had the phone cut off and received no bill.

When I asked for your policy I was told you follow up non payment of a bill by a telephone call. I can confirm that a message was left on my father’s answer phone asking him to contact BT. He didn’t know what it was about neither did I as that was the message.

I think it absolutely disgraceful that you cut off his lifeline. What would have happened if he had a fall. I am absolutely outraged. I am going to contact my MP about this.

I would like to know why you took this action upon non payment of the bill. Surely someone at BT could contact him and realise he was not able to understand. I am horrified about this treatment.

I would like you to write to me explaining what this action was taken. I realise you have a standard procedure but if you have not spoken to anyone about non payment of the bill how can you cut off the phone. How do you ensure they ever got the bill.

My father’s bill was for £20 and the majority of this would be line rental!

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