Delay in delivering the package

Submited by Tracy, October 2016

Ordered TV/broadband/phone package – on-line at the beginning of September 2016. One month later the equipment arrives.  (Nice to see that my cooling off period has gone down the drain – even though nothing has been installed). Engineer comes the next day and spends two half hours fitting a replacement plastic phone jack (old one out of date – have not a clue what he meant). Well, phone and broadband work, but wait – no TV SET-UP!

Ah well the engineer says, you got to do that yourself. £50 please! I spent the next hour laying down the cables (TV – 20 FT AWAY) Not enough cabling, i just try the broadband extenders – not working – so I spent some cash and got new cables. All connected now so switch it on and had to wait for channel updates and firmware updates – it was never ending. Finally,  just set up the remote and I should be able to put my feet up. What’s this – the remote is not working. You could not get your hat on with all this happening on the first day. Contacting customer services was an experience I wouldn’t wish on anyone.

They are the most misunderstanding bunch I have ever had to deal with. Forget any of them speaking proper English, and the delay on that Chat on-line service was diabolical (must of been the broadband speed – HA HA).  A final word for you all – take my advice and don’t have BT  as a provider of anything. Not unless you  got lots of money and patience coupled with a very thick skin.

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