Dear BT – The communications people?

To BT – The communications people! I am disgusted and outraged as to the lack of care BT have for their customers and me. I’ve heard some horror stories from a number of you now ex-customers.

I’m at the end of my tether with BT not letting me know that engineers are not going to show up after having taken days off work for them. It takes me – the customer – to call and speak to various people at BT to find this information out? Why is that? Is BT a communications company? Please start communicating!

Having moved into our new home on 30/04/12 have had 2 appointments missed by engineers – the 15/05/2012 and 13/06/2012 we still have no landline, Broadband and Vision? Why is this? Apparently BT engineers cannot sort out problems at the exchange so I’ve been told?

On a confirmation I received for the appointment on Wednesday It says ‘To change appointments, please contact this number or go to our website to change it’ Erm….I have no Broadband or landline!!! The best one is ‘Please keep your telephone free in case the engineer needs to contact you!’ Again, BT engineers don’t contact anyone and I HAVE NO LANDLINE!

Why am I still paying for the direct debit- yes I will be refunded eventually but when is this eventually going to be? Why should it go into your account when it can be happy enough earning interest in my own bank account?

I will be seeking compensation at the highest level for this time wasting so called lack of service you have and I have never been so angry…I’m actually very placid by nature.

I demand to be heard by a human being via my mobile phone (thank God for that) urgently so that this matter can be resolved and compensation can be discussed. I would also like to have an email acknowledgement from someone at least very soon.

I await to hear from you

Yours disgusted

Miss Patel

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  1. Constantly asked BT to take my bill payment out on the end of the month and they have my Direct Debit details..oh no they try to take it out the middle of the month or just before I get paid, so I’ve been with BT for 4 months now and I’ve been cut off 4 times plus I’m getting charged by my bank and BT are charging me between £43 and £93 to get re-connected and my bill is normally £30 and they have cut me off again a couple of days ago, they are a pain in the arse company and I wished I never set eyes on them so il be talking to other companies who listen and take my bill payment out at the right time…this pathetic company should be fined or dissolved cause it does nothing for the people they are just greedy bastards who want to libe there own pockets up

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