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Another BT complaint sent in complaining about problems with BT customer service.


I am disgusted with the way in which my dear friend and neighbour has been treated by yourselves. Her name is Edena Davies which is where one of your customer services people told her they had her down as residing at. My neighbour has repeatedly told you she has had problems with a crossed line involving a lady called Mrs Ali. It is disgraceful that she has been told over and over again that this is impossible.

I am witness to this fact as on a number of occasions have been speaking to her when this third person has also come on to the line, I have spoken with Mrs Ali at my neighbours house when I have answered a phone call which was meant for Mrs Ali but had rang through to Mrs Davies. I can not believe that this matter has not been investigated and instead my neighbour has been cut off.
The fact that she has already paid one huge bill and has received another one which is even higher should have flagged up the fact that there is obviously some kind of problem which needs to be investigated, instead Edena has been treated like some kind of fool and told this is impossible.

I would ask you to investigate this matter as soon as possible and bare in mind the fact that there are plenty of witnesses to this impossible crossed line. Mrs Ali herself has told us she has complained to BT but still nobody has acknowledged this problem.

Mrs Davies as you should know from your records is a senior citizen and is very distressed by this matter which is why she has given me her full permission to discuss this matter with yourselves.

My name is Yasmine Arif and I am not a BT customer gladly.

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  • I have had no internet for two months and telephone help service are no help.

    Also lost phone services, they are now on, but still no internet

  • Bt are a total waste of time with indain call centres that can't communicate properly and don't seem to pass info on to bt in the uk.
    They also in our case don't care and have on two occasions now taken almost two weeks each time to fix a fault which is still ongoing.
    I was also unfortunate enough to speak to one of their engineers who couldn't give a toss if we had a working service or not . His reply to my simple question of do you know when our line fault will be fixed was"how do I know , I don't know who's line I'm working on and anyway if it were up to me you wouldn't have a phone out here !, We live 6 miles from the largest Scottish Borders town ! What's the big deal?.
    Disgusted with the rude and bad service ! Bt is a rip off and they do not care about customers

  • This has to be the biggest world leading telecommunications company worldwide and I have nothing but praise for them getting everything wrong. Ordered, Phoneline, Broadband and BT Vision, wanted to cancel the 18 month contract on phone and broadband to 12 months, spoke to umpteen people and what did they do, you got it they cancelled BT Vision. Then they promised delivery on the day of connection to be on a Sunday which I found strange, and true to their word they failed on the 8th and now its almost two hours past the last delivery time allotted and guess what, I don't know if my line is still being run by Sky or BT, I have no hub to connect for broadband and no TV. No equipment has been delivered, they are in breach of contract and they can sing for their money.

  • BT is a disgrace, I’ve had nothing but problems since taking out my account. I wish I had never taken out my account and would cancel today if I could. When there is a problem it seems to take weeks to get it sorted. It took the Muppets 1 month to get my broadband working, they gave my 4 different phone numbers while trying to do a number change, then they cut me off for not paying my bill (I need to have something to pay for)! they should be paying me the crap that I’ve had to put up with. When I realized that I had not set up a direct debit I paid the bill ASAP (on 5/1/11) and set up direct debit. I am now here with no phone working on 10/1/1. I have given up phoning the Indians, with their scripted Bollox, "yes Mr David, very sorry you are having problems, I will sort this out defiantly it will be sorted within 24 hours" Well its not! Someone please HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • BT – this is meant to be a renown service company MY A***. I have no phone oradsl – report the fault and they admit it is the the exchange, but a engineer can not look at it until 6 days after the fault is reported. I suppose the so called engineer is on a tea break or is it too cold for him to come to work.

  • I feel for and sympathise with everyone who has written on this page! I believe I was missold a BT broadband (the information about 50% of total costs was witheld from me), and their customer service has been the most disappointing I've ever had. Not only do they fail to direct your querie to the correct department, but they also hung up on calls, make false promises, and are openly rude on the phone! This is the most disappointing telecomms service I have ever come across, and I will make sure that my family, my friends, and my colleagues know how deceitful and careless BT is!

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