Customer service issue, broadband Wi Fi keeps dropping

Submitted by Arunabh in November 2016

Below is the email I have sent to BT today, which I have little doubt, I any justice would be done. If you could please help, that would be really appreciated. I dont know, what to do now, because the customer service does not co-operate.

I called up BT customer care on 29th Oct (can not remember fully, it might be 30th Oct also) to mention about my BT Wi Fi connection dropping out every now and then. I mentioned the problem to the call center assistant guy ( name is either Abhineet or Abhijeet). I was being told, there is some problem in in his system and he would call me back again to assist with the problem I have mentioned. I double checked with the guy to get the assurance that I would definitely get a call back. I was assured, he would definitely call me back.

Nobody bothered to call me back! This is so unprofessional.

So, I called up again on 29th to make a complaint, why nobody called me up and why my issue has not been addressed yet. Complaint was raised with the ref id ************. I did mention very specially in the complaint, whoever is going to address my complaint, MUST listen to the recorded call I have made with Abhineet/Abhijeet so that, the person would understand what we have discussed and how I was being told a lie by BT!

So, I got a call this morning (6th Nov 8.12 am), where the person asked me the same details again without doing listening to the prior conversations. The person did not even know, how to speak politely to a customer and was very rude. When I said, he does not know, how to speak to a customer, he hanged up the phone! This is so so professionalism shown by a reputed company by BT.

Not sure, if this is how to treat customer! I had been to Sky in this property for 3 years and not for a single instance, I had to make a complaint. But, then moment I moved to BT, from day 1, I have started having problem and there is no one to listen to it, instead BT hands up phone while talking to customer.

So, I need the below from you:
1) I need an answer, why nobody called me up that day and why the phone was hanged up today without sorting out my Complaint.

2) Coming back to the main problem, Wifi connection getting dropped out every now and then. If you can not fix the problem within next 7 days, please disconnect me, so that I could go back to Sky or some other reliable service provided.

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