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To BT Complaints, I am writing in regards to the customer service (or lack of) I have experienced from BT. I started a contract on the 11th March and I received a bill dating back to December demanding an amount of a hundred and forty seven pounds and seventy three pence. Upon receiving this bill angered and infuriated by these charges I then phoned in to seek assistance.

The first time I called I was on hold for a ridiculous amount of time after an advisor answered my call I was then cut off. I then rang back only to find when selecting the ‘call me back’ option that I was not called back and fed up of waiting I called back a third time which resulted in raising an investigation on this account. I was told the bill would be suspended on the 12th March which is the day I called. But today 30th March find that there was no instruction for the bill to be suspended at all.

Initially the investigation department were supposed to call me and conclude their findings and also offer me ‘compensation’ which today was offered as one month free line rental (I was told I would be paid in cash). I received a call at an inconvenient time and asked the investigation agent to please return the call the following day after five o’clock pm. There was no call.

I have been waiting ever since and eventually became exhausted of such careless and useless customer service on your part that I called in myself to query the mistake that yourselves had made. I was on the phone for round about two hours today.

The first lady was extremely helpful and such agents are an asset to your company. She handled my query efficiently and got me results. She discounted the false charges and handed this matter to an offline team member, in this duration my phone battery on the landline had cut out and she kindly called me back on my mobile as I explained that my battery was low and I didn’t want to pass this matter onto anyone else. I then enquired about leaving BT without being penalised by paying the cancellation charge.

She advised me that she hadn’t the authority to waive any charges and that she would pass me on to a supervisor. After lengthy hold times throughout the whole phone call the supervisor answered. I have to say as someone who is supposed to handle problems and appear responsible he did an abysmal job.

He seemed like he couldn’t wait to become liberated from my call. He told me he could not waive the charged but instead he could offer to ‘knock half off’ so that meant instead of paying eighty five pounds he would discount it to forty two pounds fifty (which he didn’t make note of) I asked to speak to someone of higher power and he replied by saying his senior manager does not take any calls. Infuriated at not getting anywhere I demanded an explanation as to how he could knock half off, but not anymore. He cut me off.

As you can imagine I have better things to do with my time than chase up discrepancies made by your company. And then to take my own valuable time and be on the phone for so long with unresolved matters, and, on top unhelpful, rude, arrogant managers that disconnect the call when it suits them, was the most disrespected I have been in a long time. I couldn’t believe that this is how low your standards have fallen.

I left BT for this exact reason. I cannot fathom how such a reputable company as yourselves get away with treating your customers like dirt. It is absolutely disgusting how a ‘manager’ can do that to a customer and be able to get away with it. He hadn’t given me his name or put any notes on my account because he may have intended to do this all along, but I am sure by scanning the calls you will be able to trace back to who this individual was.

I am so disappointed in the customer service apart from that one lady and two gentlemen who actually took the time out to listen. I hope British Telecom has a lot more to offer their customers than not returning calls back, long hold times, and incompetent managers. Along with having the audacity to try and charge customers such as myself, when I want to leave due to this whole commotion.

My business has a forum with near enough three thousand users, and I will make known of my experience with BT as a highly UNSATISFIED customer. This is not how you run a business. Especially not in an economic downturn like this. You should provide proper customer service training to your managers instead of cutting corners.

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