Customer not impressed with BT!

Yet another unhappy BT telephone customer and here is their complaint.

Dear BT

I am disgusted with your company. I’ve tried to call you and had to dial the number at least 5 times to try and find a way of talking to a human being and after the fifth time I STILL CANNOT find a way of communicating over the phone with someone, it is a joke. For such a big company I think your customer service and the running or BT is absolutely appalling.

We have just had a bill for £165.03 to which I would like to talk to someone with regard to changing the package we are on. Since having this package I now work from home and have to use the phone line frequently during the day. I had hoped to use the hub phone for work but it does not work and I sound like a darlic but even that I don’t know which number to call to sort out!

I would like to speak to someone who can point me in the right direction. I do not wish to do it over the internet. The package we are on now does not suit us at all but instead of just being able to pick up the phone and say could I change this I am forced onto the internet to research what packages there are available. Weekends are valuable family time, which I will now have to spend on the internet trying to find a solution. It seems you reel people in then after a honeymoon period hang them out to dry.

Can I suggest a telephone number on the bill which could be obviously seen for ‘help with your service’ would be great. It would be great to get through to someone or even leave a message and you could have a call back service. Anything would be better than being tied in knots by the automated voice. I appreciate you may have thousands of calls, but your customers deserve the right to question and have help at hand, especially at the costs to which you charge. I appreciate that my bill is worth nothing to you it is pence to such a big company. But to me and many of your customers it is a vast amount of money. I need to make sure I sort my bill out for next time.

Mrs M Williams

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