Customer demands national public enquiry into BT

Here’s a BT complaint sent in today from a customer who strongly feels that trading standards and other bodies should run a national public enquiry into BT’s service.

Please leave your comments below after you’ve read the below post if you’d like to add to this with your experience with BT. Once we have sufficient comments we will send this on to the necessary bodies to investigate.

Here’s what this customer has to say:

“BT has a built-in culture of being responsible for nothing, promising nothing and charging for everything. They employ hundreds of lawyers to expedite this. In common with thousands of others up and down the country I have a poor internet connection.

Complain to ISP
You are told that there will be a charge if the fault is your side of the line box, or even if nothing is found to be wrong at all. BT do their very best to raise a charge if they possibly can. Charge is frequently dropped on appeal. I have been told on numerous occasions as have some of my neighbours that I can expect no more than 500k ”as I am a long way from the exchange” This is a blatant untruth as some of my neighbours fed from the same pole enjoy speeds between 2M and 3M.

I now have a very good ISP and have had more than ten engineer visits without charge. I have been told that Openreach will refuse any more calls as the fault is in the exchange (not true)

The fault has passed to BT’s high level escalation unit . I have surveyed all my neighbours fed from the same pole and identified the good and bad lines. BT have admitted that there are nine other lines as bad as is mine. They have requested replacement of a length of underground Aluminium cable (which was stupidly used in the 60s & early 70s) Openreach (who they pretend is a separate company) have flatly refused to replace this cable because its performance is “up to specification”

Here lies the problem. The only specification ever laid down for copper telephone lines was for voice calls. There is no spec. For ADSL. BT discovered they could use voice lines for ADSL and in most cases it is satisfactory but they have no hesitation in charging EVERYONE for UP TO 8Mb knowing full well they cannot deliver much of the time and caring even less. The terms and conditions imposed on ISPs likewise promise nothing, guarantee nothing, just take it or leave it. In case of trouble pass to Openreach who pass back to BT. Along the way if possible charge the customer and possibly the ISP too. Above all else spend nothing, certainly no refunds for a service not provided and with luck, if all else fails they’ll go away.

There is only one way to get a response from BT and that is publicity. I can go on my local Radio Station and probably get my problem sorted but what needs sorting is BT’s culture of small print, tell the customer nothing until they’ve signed, and terms and conditions which in no way constitute fair trading.

BT are not fit to manage a network which is a vital national resource. I would have thought Trading Standards could act if they were so inclined. Certainly the way the company operates needs to be aired nationally. What is required is a Public Enquiry into BTs operating practices”.

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  • I won't go into details but bt are the most incompetent and useless service and customer support organisations I have ever come across….with the possible exception of barclays bank. The real frustration beyond the sheer waste of time dealing with them is that there is no route to someone prepared to take ownership of issues.

  • I am in a similar situation, max 512k because i do not have a direct route to the exchange almost doubling the length of the line.

    How trading standards sit by while BT upgrade people in major areas to "up-to" 40mb while again ignoring us is ridiculous. They should be forced to get us 8mb before upgrading others… or at least let us pay less per month.

    Hell right now I'd be happy with 2-3mb

  • I fully agree. BT is a disgrace. They regularly tell lies. Why is nothing done about them. I lost service a week ago and reported the fault. Service was only restored yesterday. It was a simple connection that had come apart in the recent high winds yet BT call centre constantly assured me they were digging up and renewing the cable. What garbage. I live in a rural area and know when any services are being dug up and worked on. They have offered me a paltry £7 compensation. An insult. Ombudsman here I come!

  • Its almost a relief to see so many people suffering similiar problems with BT, although if they provided the "excellent customer service" they boast about on their website, its quite sad to see how many people continue to have problems with them. We had what i can only assume to be a routine sales call whilst we were contracted with Virgin, they assured us they would do everything to fully transfer our service to BT and we wouldn't need to contact virgin directly. we have since been hit with a significant bill from virgin for a service they are still providing because BT failed to transfer our service. After attempting twice to speak to BT today, i think it quite ironic that they seem to take such pride in their service, for my call to be conveniently cut off twice when a complaint call comes through to switchboard. Hence a strong letter being written to them and copied in to the ombudsman. Dreadful service.

  • BT are the new mafia of great britian run by fat cats and staff who cannot even speak or understand the english language cheap labour means bigger profits and the cats get fatter they commit fraud on a large scale by taking over customers services without their consent they then tell the customer the changeover has been recorded which is totally lies i know it happened to myself

  • Its so reassuring to see that I am not alone in BT's treatment of me. I won't go into would take so long, and i am so distressed and stressed with their behaviour. How do they actually find so many deceiptful, disengenuous, liars to staff their so-called Customer Care teams?

  • I have had nothing but trouble for six years, been with different ISP, and finally ended up with BT to see if they would fix the fault. Nope they blame my equipment ( well theirs), no fault on the line, i'm supposed to be getting 13mps but some days i get .52KBPS. There's no fault though. I want 6 years of broadband money back, that i have paid for services that i have not recieved.

  • Early in November 2011 our line became very noisy and broadband speed dropped from 1.7Mbps to around 128kbps. To date we have had 7 engineer visits, but the problem remains unresolved. Dealing with BT Retail call centre staff has been frustrating at times, but in all fairness most seemed to be doing their best to help. The matter was eventually passed to a Fault Team in Cardiff and is now being handled by the BT Keeping the Customer Informed Team, who have been proactive about dealing with BT Openreach and kept me fully informed. But here's where it gets interesting. Openreach either through incompetence or choice tell the BT complaint-handling team things which are blatantly false. On 28 December Openreach said they would send out an engineer on the 29 December to deal with a fault in an overhead line. Yet on 22 Decmber they had sent out a Track and Trace engineer who had located a fault in an underground cable. On 30 December the BT complaint handling team rang to say Openreach would be arranging to send out a Track and Trace engineer to locate the fault. By the 4 January our fault was apparently 'stuck in the system'. Openreach seem to be giving BT Retail staff the runaround. It's Openreach who are the problem here, and how they manage fault diagnosis and repair.

  • I am about to move within next month & on a visit to my new home only to find it has the excuse for aluminum [2core wire coming in to the property 10" as the contractors have cut the cable back to entery I have been on to HA & asked them to get it sorted out but unhappy to find find this out of date wiring in place!!!!
    BT like have your money but fail to provide a return service?

  • All this sounds so familar. I had a similar experience a year ago, cured after 9 visits by replacing underground cable. The trouble has returned as another length requires renewal. I have had visits cancelled without telling me as BT assumed work they had done at exchange would have cured the problem, visits where the guy said there was noise (so the line could only give me 0.5mb), and waited in for 5 hours because the guy went to the exchange and NOT to my house. I know what the problem is from feedback to someone else on the same line BUT this seems news to the engineers they send. Truly awful service and response. Alas no possibilty of another service where I live

  • It is now 10 months since I made my original complaint at the head of this page. During this time nothing has changed. I have now had eighteen engineer visits. BT have not kept two appointments made this week for number nineteen!
    BT must be prevented from charging for a service they do not provide. Broadband is very good in some areas and useless in others. ISP's pay the same whatever the state of the line and they pass the charge on to us. This would not be tolerated in any other industry.
    "Take it or leave it" is not acceptable from a monopoly. It is a monopoly! Different providers all use the same awful ill maintained network and if cable is not available you're stuck with it!.

  • And when you have had enough of their broadband service and dont migrate to another isp that uses their exchange they have the nerve to charge you a £30 broadband disconnection fee. The excuse is that they are BT Retail and its BT Wholesale that pass the charge on.Told its in their online t&c`s which of course they continually update in their favour. As someone else said BT are the British mafia.

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