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Dear BT Complaints, I’ve had a BT account at my current address for the past fifteen and a half years, with same number throughout.

Four weeks ago a BT engineer came to reconnect my telephone, it had been working perfectly and neither he nor I could understand why he had come. He contacted his superiors from his mobile whilst parked on our drive and they too were completely perplexed.

A few days later a bill arrived under a completely different account number to the one I have had for fifteen and a half years, welcoming me back to BT (I had never been away) and a notification that they were to take the first quarters line rental by direct debit from my account. I had not given them any authorisation to do so, i fact I had not given them my bank account details so they must have taken these from the existing account, on which I had already paid the line rental.

I looked through the BT website to find a way of putting in a formal complaint. The BT website is a total abortion, it takes you round and round in circles with no way to get off to submit a formal complaint.

I, therefore, wrote to the BT Correspondence Centre in Durham, who, in two weeks, have completely ignored my letter. This had given them sufficient time to stop the direct debit and correct the situation but no, they fraudulently stole the money from my bank account. I have now had to get my bank to try and recover the money stolen under the Direct Debit Guarantee System.

I have still not had any response from BT. Clearly they have not heard of Customer Care, especially when they have committed a fraud.

I am now totally stuck, I have no proper place to complain where I can get some action and the Office of Telecommunications Ombudsman will not look at it for three months after BT have tried to resolve the matter (which they are not doing), so they are not much help either. Probably have to move to Sky once this mess is sorted out.

Darryl Helliwell

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  • My mother in law, who is 77 and frail, awaiting a hip replacement moved into a retirement flat in Wantage and was given a date for reconnecting the telephone, three weeks after she moved in. Engineers did not turn up but came instead two days later on a Saturday when there was no key available for the plant room they had to access in the retirement home (manager does not work weekends. Another date for reconnection was given a further four weeks later. Mother in law phoned explaing she was going into hospital a week later and needed a landline for recuperating, in case of emergency. Answer was no, then her son phoned and explained – still the answer was no. Then the retirement home manager phoned – still no. Then I phoned and explained the problem and urgent need for reconnection – a lovely lady in the call centre said yes, no problem, she had filled in a worksheet explaining everything and the engineer would call the next morning – we all breathed a sigh of relief. Except, you guessed it, the engineer never turned up! The next day her son actually saw the original BT engineer working about 200 yards away from the home, so he explained the problem to the engineer who was more than willing to pop round and reconnect the telephone there and then, after all he said it would only take ten minutes and all he needed was his supervisors permission to do so. He phoned the supervisor who said NO! unebelievable. I have no idea where to go next in order to get connection – having read your website it makes me think there is no point.

  • AG
    I signed up for Google free sites and next I know some-one calls from BT offering services etc. And Describes in in-audible voice some of the great customised designing they will do. Next I know I have received a bill from BT of about 180 Pounds. I called their customer service department to inform and nobody cares at all. I am receiving calls from BT to cancel the account otherwise they are asking for the money. I tried it 1/2 times but now I am no longer interested in following up with them. Afterall why should I cancel anything that I did not buy.


    It is fraud net by BT and big players to fraudulently trap unsuspecting people.

  • I tried to cancel a BT package well within the ten day breathing period, I phoned to cancel, as soon as I mentioned canceling, the phone was put down on me many times, other times they promised to phone me back, I sent emails, but no one replied to me, 30 days later I got a call, and guess what, they said it is now too late to cancel, now I am stuck with a 2 year contract,
    The phone rental and costs are higher than any other provider.
    The broadband is slower than any other.
    And the TV as less channels then a free view box

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