Complete failure from BT at all levels

Submitted by Sara in October

Where do I start?

1/10/2016 I stupidly called BT after my husband and I agreed it would make financial sense to switch our broadband supplier from Sky to BT.

Historically we switched to Sky because a few years back they couldn’t offer Fibre Broadband at our address but Sky could!

It was an effortless process and we have been happy until now.

The only down side was that we had to pay BT to keep our BT emails (£25 per month).

Then as time went on my husband wanted to have BT Sport which is another cost of £26.99.

So we decided to switch and get a ‘deal’. When I called them on the 1st October 2016 the first lady Machala was very pleasant but seemed confused as she said there were 4 database records on their system for my address? How strange? Anyway she spoke to her supervisor who advised her how to merge all my accounts (they thought it was to do with all the separate services we had i.e. Email, Sport etc).

I also have another line which is a business line that my company installed years ago as I work from home.

Anyway we carried on and she informed me of the deal I could get and that BT would pay the cancellation fee from Sky (up to a value of £300) which seemed fair. So I did it, I went ahead!! (Noooooooo).

Since then I have received several letters telling me that a new customer has requested broad band to be setup but didn’t worry as Machala said this would happen and just to ignore the letters.

So I was told 12th October was switch over day, Sky had been working perfectly all day and then GONE!

The switch happened and we had no broadband or phone lines! I called BT and they organised an Engineer for Saturday 15th October between 8am > 1pm, I stayed in all morning. NO ENGINEER. Rang BT and they said sorry but the engineer hadn’t been booked!!!! I then got details for a case manager that had been assigned to me, her name is Naz (direct telephone number of **** ********) she assured me that I could contact her if I had any problems. I rang her and surprise surprise no answer so I left her a voice message – NEVER HEARD FROM HER AGAIN!!! I then had to wait until Tuesday 19th October for another engineer to arrive. Yes he did arrive and then fixed my residential line! Result, phone and broadband working. BUT then I realised my company broadband was not working!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They have cancelled my account???????

So I then had to start a conversation with the business BT team!!! They started telling me a new customer wanted to take over the line and I told them the story but they would not listen!! No no no – Her name was Barbara and she told me I would have to pay for the line to be re installed and that sorry but they are not able to speak with the residential team. So I am now left with no work broadband (just in case you are wondering yes I need to hubs as my kids kill the usage). I have still been billed for the separate BT sport and email services and no one has called me. I haven’t got time for this! None of us have!

Why can’t we email or write to someone who owns customer complaints and they have responsibility to keep us informed and they have an audit trail of people and departments that customers speak with. Surely this will help them identify issues with processes or highlight training needs? Now I am on my own! What do I do? Will I ever get it sorted and will they really pay for my Sky cancellation fee?

And how do I get compensation for no service for 1 week and not pay the £56 setup charge.

They are a communications company, why do they not COMMUNICATE TO THEIR CUSTOMERS!!!!! Arrrrrrgh.

The thought of ringing the 150 telephone number for another 50 minutes of my life is not appealing but what else do I do?

Any advice would be gratefully appreciated.

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  • Try contacting the Chairman’s office or Gavin Patterson. You need to put your case succinctly and clearly, as they try to jump in too quickly, but if you understand your problem and can get them to understand, you might get somewhere. Good luck.

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