Complaints Process None Existent from BT

This is a common BT complaint that we get sent in regularly regarding poor customer service skills with BT broadband services.

Dear Sir,

I am writing in responce to a complaint I have from BT. I’m just off the telephone from them after they tell me they do not have a complaints process. I’ve been with BT for many years and took out the home hub service after buying a brand new laptop by HP. I had no problems having paid for the top service. I was not advised at the time I took out the service that because I do not download I only need the standard service so have been paying too much ever since. My main complaint is I was having trouble with the wireless service that has not been working intermitantly.

I contacted BT several times and spent at least 20 – 50 minutes on the telephone to be told catagorically it is a fault with the laptop. As I need the laptop for work and personal use I bought a new Dell laptop costing me £450 (money that I can’t afford) and after having it work fine for the last 3 weeks of having it I find now exactly the same problem happened.

I called BT again and after 40 minutes on the telephone to someone who, to be honest was quite rude by putting me on silent and at times saying nothing to me for minutes without telling me what he was doing tells me ‘it’s definately a problem with the laptop’.

He told me to go back to the shop with the laptop. So I take the 12 miles round trip on my first day off in 2 weeks, to go to a very busy store and stand in a queue to be shown that there is no problem with the wireless. VERY embarassing I might add!! I go back to a friends house to check that I am not going insane and check their connection and the laptop works fine.

I have since ordered a replacement hub which, after many arguments with the person on the telephone and, as yet not even one apology, I am told this will fix it. I am very unhappy about the service, out of pocket and very embarassed about the whole thing. I am wishing to claim £150 compensation for all of the above and for a pretty rubbish service.

I have also spent over 3 hours on the telephone to Dell, Compaq, Currys and 2 laptop repairers to try and fix ‘the problem with the laptop’ where there hasn’t even been one!!

Any help with this is very much appreciated. I have included BT’s CEO in this email but to be completely honest don’t expect a reply as I have now lost faith in the one company who I thought was ‘one of the good ones’

Many thanks
Lucy Duncan

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