Complaints as BT Broadband increases cancellation fee

BT Complaints coming in from customers who are leaving BT Broadband without applying for a Mac code and transferring to another provider are being charged £25 which has been raise from £18.11 with very little in the way of advertising.

This is applicable even if customers have worked through their minimum contract period BT’s new terms and conditions now state:

“When you end your broadband service and do not request a migration authorisation code (MAC) or another recognised transfer process to move to another service provider, from 12 June 2009 you will have to pay a cease charge of £25.00.”

The only exception to this increased charge is if BT can no longer provide a service to the new address if the customer is moving home.

Although cease charges aren’t uncommon among internet service providersl this recent fee increase seems to have slipped by most.

A BT spokesperson explained the reasoning behind the charge as being to “encourage customers to use the correct migration process and cover the technical costs incurred when this process isn’t used.” It added: “The charge has increased in line with the costs of the work. This is the actual cost of the work required within an exchange to recover equipment and amend records.”

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  • BT are absolutely useless!! My broadband has been down 6 weeks and ringing India is a complete waste of time and energy, I just give up the will to live every time I have to speak to them!!


    I have just cancelled my broadband serivice after paying BT over £70 per month for 20 months. This equates to over £1400 & I have hardly used the service for the past 6 months.

    BT have now told me that they intend to charge a £25 cancellation fee. I asked the operator what the charge was for and she replied that a BT engineer would need to go to the exchange to physically disconnect the line.. does anyone know if this is true?

    The broadband department of BT appears to be entirely separate from the division that manages the physical infastructure of phone liones and renmtal. My understanding is that you just need a land line to run any broadband service and I would advise people to avoid these hidden costs by simply not choosing BT as their broadband provider in the first place.

    In terms of this charge – it was not part of the T's and C's when I first signed up and I have no intention of paying it – I have cancelled my monthly DD as a result.

  • hello everyone,
    well i have to say that i am also leaving the BT service due to poor custermer service…
    the long saga goes on..
    12 months ago, I could not put my BT braodband and my phone plugged in together , because my phone line went dead.
    I duly contactd the BT to tell them of this, bearing in mind that both the broadband and the phone worked well….when plugged in separatly I followed all the advise etc it still did not work,and I even bought myself a new adsl filter and tested different phones etc I gave up because i just couldnt cope with call centre,
    However I tried again ( i swapped my phone provider because of this but still kept the BT broadband,)
    I spoke with my phone provider who said my line is working and I needed to speak with BT engineers, re the exchange or filter…
    I did so and they said that my line is not BT and you guessed it they put the phone down on me, after having been passed around on the phone ,put on hold ete tc etc.
    soooo somehow i got an email through one the sites and emailed what turned out to be the BT CEO office!!!detailing all of the above.
    I was then emailed by the assistant to the BT ,CEO who said that he will get on to it,,, however after much waiting and emails, i was told that the BT had to be notified of a fault by my phone provider, sooo i did contact my phone provider who said that my line is working and that I will be charged because there is no fault on the line,and they said that BT need to sort this out via the exchange or the filter system ,or at the very least send out the engineer,which you,d think they would offer to do?, soo im still here, my last email to the assistant to the ceo was yesterday informing him of the above and notifying him of my departure from the BT MIRE, I am completely exhausted by the pure arrogance of this company…… seems that that are determined to destroy what was many years ago a top notch company, and yes Im willing to pay a little extra for good competent workers , who will not conspire to put me out of buisiness!!!

  • I can only agree, previously had immense trouble with broadband–and BT's customer service, of course- it was nerve-wrecking; broadband never really worked perfectly.
    Now in shock over the cancellation fee of 25 £, I had never heard of it. It was not mentioned in the information received, neither was 14 days notice period, but a 7 days notice period was mentioned. Anyone tried to deny paying the cancellation fee? — or do we have just have consider ourselves lucky that it is not a 100£ fee? or more?

  • I am thoroughly disgusted with BT – I too have just discovered that it will cost me £25 to cancel my broadband, it makes me sick. I am tempted to not pay but worried that I will incur further charges as they will most likely suspend my phone service for late payment and then charge me to re-connect.

    Also when I phoned to cancel the broadband, suddenly they decide that "oh yes we can give you a better deal" and said that they could reduce my bill from £40 to £24 a month.

    They can shove it frankly.

  • We have been with BI for many years. Since moving house to some distance from the telephone exchange, our broadband has only 0.5Mb speed despite paying for 8Mb service. We also lost connection three times within 2 years due to problems at the exchange. They did fix it within a week but with the hassle of numerous phone calls and engineers visits (i.e. time needed off work!).

    We decided to switch to fibre optic cable and was very surprised to be told there is £25 cancellation fee as we do not need a MAC code.

    I would be very interested to learn if anyone refused to pay this fee and what happens then? Did anyone actually see this in the terms and conditions when they signed up?

  • I just got my final bill for BT BB and phone, and it doesn't make any sense. I have been charged £25 cancellation fee, even though I did obtain a MAC code. I ended my contract a couple of weeks before it was due to expire, so I suppose they could have demanded that I pay for the remainder of the contract, which would have been about £7. But then they charged me beyond the date I moved to my new ISP which is also beyond the date my contract was due to expire – go figure that! It seems that they just pluck numbers out of thin air! I'm not looking forward to speaking to them to sort this thing out…

  • I too was just told by BT customer services that it was going to cost me £25 to cancel!! So basically i'm being forced to pay, not to have a service. This is surely criminal?
    I'm moving to an optical fibre line because BT charges far too much for a limited, slow service that very rarely (maybe never) operates at the advertised speeds.
    I would just stop my direct debits but my account is in credit by more than £25 so they would probably just take it out of that.
    I am not under contract and I don't recall ever being notified about this fee and am feeling utterly distugusted and abused. They are 'stealing' from me.
    I will never again sign with BT. They need to re-think their underhand ways and poor pricing structure.

  • I am disgusted. I was currently with BT but then switched to Talk Talk from which i was told they would sort out the cancellation fee. I have now a bill in from talk talk and BT and when i called up BT they said they have never heard from talk talk to cancel the broadband. I then phoned up talk talk and they said they cannot do anything to call BT so when i did they said they cant do anything and if i wanted to leave there would be a cancellation fee of £180 plus my 70 bill. Talk talk cannot help me and now i stuck with what to do. Can anyone help??

  • Now there's a thing, I have had a slow BT connection for a week,after quite a reasonable access for the last few months,and decided to chase the problem, From your correspondents, it appears that nothing will really be done about it, apart from having a grizzle on your site. When BT was privatised, I thought that the Beast was getting a sharp kick up the rear. (Did you ever try to get permission to connect a Modem to an old BT line,with all those barrier diodes and things?) however it seems that we are lumbered with another Thatcher legacy, all greed, and no service. There, you've got me started again!

  • I am appalled by this action of BT's. I have been a broadband customer of their's for over 4 years, but because my circumsances have changed I took the opportunity, at the end of my contract period, to terminate my BT line. And I get whacked £25 for the privilege. I will NEVER be a BT customer again.

  • My BT Broadband 18 month contract expired on 30th March 2009. I obtained a MAC code on August 26th 2010 in order to move my broadband service, my new ISP took up my service on Sept 6th 2010. BT have sent me a final bill which charges me for BT Broadband services until Oct 20th 2010 and charges me £25 for cancelling my broadband service with them! To say I am disgusted is an understatement!

  • Same here, I left BT die to ever increasing costs and poor service. Despite having been with them beyond the contract period, they have just hit me for a hidden £25 broadband discoonecting fee. I signed up with then on the phone and the person signing me up to phone and broadband never mentioned this fee (strange that) Avoid BT like the plague, they are appalling

  • I have been with BT for years and currently have BT Vision, Landline, anytime calls and broadband. I found myself in a real tight spot with cash and had to approach a debt advice line as I missed mortgage and council tax payments due to a change in financial circumstances. I contacted BT to explain my situation and request cutting services to a minimum to save as much as possible. Yes, you guessed it they offered me a wonderful new package at a saving of £13 a month, without thinking I verbally agreed after being told I could cancel up until the service went live. Unfortunately this was within 3 hours!! I found a better option for broadband and could use built in freeview on my TV which will save a fortune and allow us to keep to minimal services, however, on contacting BT I was told it was tough, I'd gone live and as they follow OFCOM standards, they are legally allowed to do this. The sales manager I spoke to was rude and unhelpful and left me feeling trapped! I'm lost and desperate and have absolutely no support! They are trying to charge me over £200 as they say my contract is for an entire year on some and 9 months on other parts of the service. BT are terrible and con people into agreeing to their rediculous offers. Never again!

  • I cancelled my BT Broadband, evenings and weekends after the end of my contract (7 October). I moved to PlusNet, who arranged the transfer on that date. On 5 November, BT charged me up to 6 December!! They are refunding this – but slapped on a cancellation fee of £30! It is outrageous!

  • I cancelled my BT Total Broadband Option 3 and Unlimited Anytime calling plan and am moving to TalkTalk because of their cheaper rates. I have an 18 month contract with Bt of which there is still 10 months left. Now BT say I will have to pay a cancellation charge of 225 pounds. This includes a broadband cease charge of 30 pounds as the engineers have to go to the exchange physically to stop my broadband. Then there is 46 pounds because I got free equipment which i now have to pay for as I'm cancelling my contract. I asked them to take it back, but they say that's not possible as I've used it for over 6 months. The rest of the charges are cancellation charges of 14.75 x 10 months still remaining on the contract. Can somebody please help me. How can I get them to reduce the charges. I agree that there should be some cancellation charge for breaking contract early but this is daylight robbery. HELP !!!

  • I have been with BT for about 14 years. and i have just cancelled my broadband and phone line service due to poor custermer service was paying for broadband and phone service as i said was with bt 4 about 14 years very good 2 start with but last 15months my broadband was more off then on so was on the phone to bt custermer service if thats what you can call theme. as when you do get through to theme most of theme cant talk or understand the :(English language:) BT STANDS FOR ? anyway the last 7 weeks was unable to use phone or broadband. and still no joy so cancelled everything with bt and had my line cut off why should i keep paying for a service that i cannot use.

  • bt want 120 .00 for me to leave them .iam so frightened i don t know what to do how can they do this to people

  • My mum has been with BT for calls and broadband for the last 12 months, with practically no broadband for most of that time. despite promises to sort out the problem. A lot of nothing for £14 a month! Not wishing to take on such a big company , we waited out the contract and started proceeding to switch. They started with phone calls and texts PRETTY MUCH EVERY DAY trying to persuade her to change her mind, and then now text and letters telling her she will be charged for not giving 30 days notice (as she has going to another provider and has asked for her MAC key -this is actually 14 days and says so on their own website). The latest letter says she MAY be subject to charges IF she has cancelled early. She has NOT cancelled early, but I guess this is just trying to frighten a 73 year old woman into staying with a company that would be charging her £15 more a month (for the same package) than the supplier she is moving to. Check out their new cancellations fees too. As of January 2014 they are double. For example if mum had to pay cancellation fees now it would be £11 a month. As of Jan 2014 – £19.20, TOTALLY DISGUSTING! And I am very angry.

  • We moved to Wales at the beginning of September and could not take our talktalk services with us. BT has been a nightmare from the start. Firstly the land line would not work for a couple of weeks. Then the problems with broadband started. I have spent hours on the live chat to India and been promised that the problem would be solved several times but to no avail. Each chat session loses connection at least five times! I am on a wired connection typing this because the wifi is non-existent. None of the passwords I have will work. Today my mobile decided to give up the ghost and has no wifi or signal although I looked up the area signal and it is listed as ‘excellent’??? Every time I ask for a refund the subject is changed and more promises made. Absolutely fed up with this daylight robbery. It is scandalous! Does anybody know if I can keep the landline and get just broadband from another supplier?

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