Complaint to BT – Moving House – No Broadband!

Yet another broadband BT customer services complaint about problems moving house. Why can’t BT do the simple things right!


Last month we telephoned BT to let them know we would be moving house on the 21st December 2011. We wished to continue using the services of BT at our new address. The lady on the end of the telephone assured us that everything would be fine. We would receive an email confirming as much. She explained the email would not mention Broadband but not to worry as she would sort that separately. We were given a date in January for an engineer to come tour new address and connect us.

The original date was cancelled, we were given a new later date of 11th January 2012, for an engineer to come out.

We were sent a BT message by text prior to 11th Jan telling us, the engineer appointment was cancelled as our phone line was now working. It was NOT working, so I had to re-instate the engineers appointment.

On the 11th, the engineer came out (a pleasant young man), he went to sort out the green phone box on our estate I believe, then about an hour later he came back and our telephone was working. I asked about our Broadband Internet connection, he said he didn’t do that but it would just come on now the line was connected. However the Internet connection was not working. We received a message to say the Internet would start working after midnight. We waited up it did not.

The next day my husband telephoned BT, BT told us they do not do BT in the area! Bizarre as our old address is just 50yards away. We had BT Broadband there no problem. (We thought the problem here might be that our new house is a new build.) However our neighbours have had no problems.

So we decided to telephone SKY and see if they could off or us broadband.Sky told us our landline was with TalkTalk and not BT, even though a BT had recently visited the house to set up out BT phone line. Sky said it was definitely TalkTalk (we have never had any dealings with TalkTalk and have never even approached them) so be told that was bizarre.

On a separate note I have appeared to make contacting BT sound easy, when it was not. It involved lenghty waiting, being put on hold, transferred and being told to dial other numbers. As I write this apparently the people we need to speak to are not open until Monday!

We are still without Internet.We do have a line, but goodness knows who it’s with. The most annoying thing is we have no person/point of contact at BT who we can speak to sort it out. No one at BT who we can speak to to sort it out. No one at BT so far will take up our issue so we’re passed from pillar to post!

You will agree we have not received to date good service. Please would you contact us with regard to this matter asap. We are still without Broadband. We have a land line that BT connected but no idea who it is with.

Yours faithfully
Rachel Akathiotis

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  1. Very good comments.
    I moved home as well. BT service guy came to my house, later I have to pay the install socket fee. Before they said it is free. Lies BT.

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