Christmas and New Year with no Internet

I’m writing to relay my utter disgust in BT broadband and BT customer service having ruining mine and my families Christmas and New Year.

We’ve had your BT total Broadband service installed at our home for a few months compromising of your phone and broadband package.

On the 21st December we lost our telephone line and broadband service. I have reported the fault immediately. I was then promised that fault would be fixed before Christmas. Unfortunately, we didn’t receive feedback or a call on the update.

I called from my mobile phone more the 20 times and the staff were totally incompetent as they gave me false promises. After calling every single day I was finally told on Christmas Eve that the fault would be fixed on the 28th of December. I have asked to speak to the manager but were told that there is no one senior available.

Me, my wife and our two daughters have spent the Christmas in Central London in the 21st century totally cut from the rest of the world, thanks to BT.

Our agony didn’t stop there after further number of calls to BT call centre, we got our telephone line back after nine dates, but not the broadband. We were told that our broadband will be fully re-instated within the 24 hours. Again this was big lie and a false promise. Finally after 10 days I was able to speak to the manager in the call centre.

To our horror, he didn’t have a clue about our problem and told us that BT is short of engineers. We were told that they would fix our problem on the 3rd of January.

Due to the BT incompetence, my daughters couldn’t study without internet; we couldn’t check our Christmas deliveries and couldn’t order presents online, even worst we couldn’t contact our families to wish them a Merry Christmas.

Their customer service call centres are a disgrace to BT brand and a direct insult to your paying customers whom, once locked into a contracts with you – have to suffer.

Mr D Portic

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