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    I have been in the VERY unfortunate position of growing my company, you may say" that's good" yes it has been until BT became involved, firstly I asked for my phone line and business 0844 number to be moved, maybe I should have given more than 2 month's notice! The new number worked but no 0844, why because the stupid movers team forgot to add it, when I pointed this out I was informed " it will be 3-4 days and if I wanted it as an emergency it would be £150.00, what a joke", as you can imagine by now my patience was thin so I told them to just get it done and I will contest the charge.

    Finally I get my 0844 and landline on 24 hours later and lots of customers pretty upset, next problem the number BT gave me is only one of the largest car franchise company that went bang a couple of month's ago, so low and behold I am now inundated with angry customers who bought a Mercedes. I rang BT told them that what are the implications of changing to a different number," we can do that but your 0844 number will be 3-4 days later" I explained " I need my 0844 as it is my business line straight away" No problem sir that will be another £150.00, I then told the sales team "that they gave me a very large old usage number but as I cannot wait four days then just forget it" what have the idiots done now? Well I sit here today with no line and no 0844, this is after 3 calls and each one telling me "it is there fault, your business is important to us" and the other crap, this service has been appalling and has cost me two full days in lost business which I want compensating for as this has been a total failure to give customer satisfaction. I await the usual pre-programmed response!

    Regards reluctantly

    Steve Stuart
    Little Claire Designs
    0151 9296000

  • Dear BT/sharp-practice,
    I have been a customer for more than 9 years, a fairly long contract history in this day and age, doubtless due in large part to the continued and wholly undeserved dominance of the BT PLC in the landline telecommunications market.
    I recently moved house to a cable area where, to have a BT line would have cost me upwards of £120 a price that I was, I think quite understandably, unwilling to pay when other companies were able to connect me using the existing line equipment at no charge. I therefore contacted your 'company', I use the word company advisedly since the word's connotations of society and friendship clearly do not apply to BT, in order to effect an exit from the lucrative (for you) deal that I have been signed up to for nearly a decade and oh, what a surprise I had in store. A little under 2 months ago, "we [BT] (claim to have) sent you a letter (which, if it had arrived and it did not, would have been one of many unsolicited offers and attempts to increase my bill that I have recieved and had to read and dispose of in spite of clearly requesting e-bills and that I should not be contacted about deals)". This letter apparently gives you comany the right to lock its customers into another long contract on a deal, that I was (rather laughably) told was free when I first signed up for it… apparently it was free as long as I didn't want to leave BT. Ever. At this point gentility prevents me from calling BT what it is. £75 charge, for leaving. Well that certainly negates almost all of the 'free' calls I was supposed to be getting from the contract in the first place. I am currently on a very low income and that is certainly a massive charge, incurred at a very difficult time in my life, when frankly, I have had better things on my mind than BT! The illness and death of my mother, the pregnancy of my partner and my ongoing attempts to write a PhD, to name but 3! Obviously BT doesn't care about these things, with your medieval policy of treating your customers as your rightful chattels. Frankly if your policy of automatically renewing long contracts is to be maintained, I would say that it would be polite, and logical as a telecommunications company, to speak to the account holder directly, to ensure that the message is transmitted clearly and not through the postal system, which as is well known has problems of its own. Of course, I doubt not that you 'conform to Ofcom rules' to do otherwise would be foolish indeed, however I also have no doubt that the conformity rests at the extreme minimum of your obligation, a fact demonstrated by the repeated investigation of this practice by the regulator over the last few years.
    Doubtless, as I have neither legal background nor time to pursue this to its rightful conclusion in the courts, whether civil or 'of public opinion' I will be forced to pay this unreasonable charge, generated simply by being one of your unfortunate customers. All i would say is that I will henceforth urge all of your other customers, as publicly as I can to move away from your strangling hold and take their business to a better, fairer, less conniving and mean-spirited company.
    Yours with distaste

  • Hello, I am a Sky customer and whilst thousands of their customers get free broadband I have to pay £17 per month because the BT station at Corringham near Gainsborough in Lincolnshire has not been updated. Just because I live in a village in Lincolnshire I have to pay £17 a month more than other customers, surely this is unjust, I am a pensioner and cannot afford this. Why can't the exchange be updated and give the people of Lincolnshire free broadband like other parts of the country?

  • Hello, I am a Bt customer but i am not happy with some of their 'Staff' becouse they are 'Burglar' so please watch out especially their target are single mother's.

  • If anybody is thinking TalkTalk's grass is looking greener,most of their customers are trying to get back to BT.
    If only BT could see this exodus as money for them,they might,along with openreach, make their return less expensive and painful.

  • BT Stitched Me up too, after continually getting charged "excess usage" on Option 2 I was told by BT that what I needed was their Option 3 UNLIMITED package, I took them at their word & since then, BT have "Throttled" my broadband EVERY SINGLE MONTH this has almost gone on for a whole year now, the package was clearly mis-sold to me and…, to add Insult to Injury, they've sent me a letter which actually tries to CON me Into yet another 12 MONTH contract with them, this Is a despicable trick & I fully Intend to give them as much Bad publicity as they deserve, they seem to be a law unto themselves, It makes me feel ashamed to admit that I was once a "Proud" employee of British TeleCON

  • i have recently take bt broadband option 3 with unlimited broadband and mobile broadband with a dongle which i paid a one off fee £9.99. and was told i would have to pay no more money as it was all included. i recently went on holiday and took my lap top with me to fin after about 10 minutes i could get nothing, after i had come home i got in touch with bt i was told i don't realy have unlimited mobile broadband i have a prepay dongle so i have spoken to a solicitor and he agrees i have been miss'sold a package. i informed bt about this problem which took nearly an hour the first time which i took a day off work for to be told taht a manager would phone me back within 48 hours which did not happen, after a lengthy call with bt again and many departmetsi told them that if this problem was not resoved i will terminate my direct debit,they replied that thay would get my first call which is taped up to listen to to check that what is ay is true and they would phone back within 4 working days. as usual i have had to phone bt again because they cannot keep an appointment even by phone call to be told to give them another 2 days which i find unacceptable and have now aquired a mac code and to be told that if i break my contract i have got to £188 but i will not have to pay this as much as they will try as they have broken the contract of which i signed up to by not allowing me acces to which we agreed by phone and my solicitor is working out the bill i can give them for time lost at work and stress to sort this out which i am happy to say is more than they want they have till thursday 11th aug to reply and friday on way home from work will cancell all direct debit payments they now have choice get in touch or i will see you in cout when you try to get the money

  • Been with bt since december 2008, ok service until this year however i think thats due to the fact that i lived 500m from the exchange therefore minimal risk to broadband speed etc. Since moving 5km from exchange I had slow broadband but after a month the problems began. First complaint April '10 broadband keeps cutting out and really high bills when I make an average 3 calls a year on the landline. They say excessive broadband usage and upgrade me to op3 unlimited package but fail to tell me this re-starts an 18 month contract (great) then i am sent an enormous bill, I call and question it, they say I have been put onto quarterly billing. They tell me its been changed back to monthly and will send me a new amended bill. I then receive a letter for non payment of quarterly bill???? More and more complaints and basically since april I have called 4 times to have my bill amended to monthly and it still hasnt been done. I have called twice a week every week to have my broadband fixed only to go through the same line checking procedure as previously done.Two engineers have visited both useless. Basically has ended up me cancelling my contract over 4 times (because the first 3 times it was never actually cancelled although confirmed it was) and have spent easily 24hours on the phone complaining to get a refund but then my refund of 5 months charges has yet to be received although due on a 'guaranteed date' 3 days ago. I have been hung up on whilst on hold 3 times today alone, and to top it all off they changed my phone number and then tried to blame it on me!!! Absolute shambles, rude 'zone six' staff that barely speak english, its a real wonder how they are still in business. I am now going down the route of expecting a big payout for my trouble so I dont take them to court.

  • we are ex directory so WHY are you giving my number availble to any one we are fed up with sales calls and from people we dont even no soplease dont make number for anyone we were assured our number would be with held and this is not happening we also pay 10 pounds a month for people phoning were there number is with held we are pretty disgusted that this is happening and MUST STOP[

  • BT is plain and simply a joke, contracts for phone/broadband renewed without any notice, complaints brushed off, now because I am leaving they want to charge £55.73 as a farewell gift.
    BT concentrate on your longstanding customers better or soon there will not be a company left.

    1 OCT 2010

  • BT does not allow us, the customers to control our internet usage.
    Last Sep/2010, the poor customer service attendant said I have spent 70GB in Aug/2010. My limit is 10GB/monthly. I found an absurd because I am the only one in the house using it and never going over the 10GB limit. All of a sudden in Aug I had 70 and September I had 39GB. How can it be possible? So, in the 7th September I have changed my plan for 40GB/month, average price (unlimited phone calls + 40GB internet).DETAIL: the attendant on the phone said I spent 70GB in Aug, but my bill does not say that.

    I AM PAYING £40 a month but i had to sign a contract for 12 months.

    NOW I WENT ONLINE AND I SAW another plan for about the same £40, with UNLIMITED TELEPHONE AND BROADBAND. To give up my recent contract i have to pay round £20, and sign a 18 month contract.

    COMPLAINT: in the bt i can only see the actual month usage, not the bill for August, for example, THERE IS NO STATEMENT SAYING IN WHAT I HAVE SPEND ON(i.e. Skype, YouTube etc). This forces me to be a victim of their plans. What is the law that allows BT to send a NON-ITEMISED BILL to their customers.

    COMPLAINT: They do not have OMBUDSMAN.

    COMPLAINT: THEIR CUSTOMER SERVICES ARE BASED IN INDIA,because it is cheaper, and I can see they do not give enough training for their staff, BECAUSE the attendant said she would register my complaint but not action will be taken towards the solution. QUESTION: What is the point to complaint, register my complain if the attendant says there will not be a solution? Again, BT does not have an OMBUDSMAN.

    COMPLAINT: With the high usage of my BROADBAND, which I haven't done, they "forced" me to go for the 40GB plan for the next 12 months. And now a new plan for the same value with unlimited broadband and telephone + vision (contract to be sign for 18 months).
    To give up my plan will cost me £20 (average).

    COMPLAINT: Why BT does not phone me to offer the UNLIMITED (UNLIMITED really?) plan, providing I am paying the same £40 for only 40GB?

    THERE IS SOMETHING WRONG WITH BT, because I am not able to have all that usage AND I have been a victim of their strategic CONTROL, TOTALY IN BT'S HANDS.

    U B E L I E V A B L E, isn't it DOT.COM? CHECK IT OUT, PLEASEeeeeeeeee


  • why dont you try a company called Daisy Communications group plc i work for them and the amount of complaints we get about bt is rediculous! we only deal with commmercial buisness's if you are interested ring this number!!!

    0844 801 0000

  • Absolute bloody disgrage – British Telecom. If everyone leaves them, they will go bust and a new company will take them over and sack the lot of managers and reform their company for the better. Bring on the liquidation/takeover of BT!!

  • my "broadband is currently at 0.32meg!!! has been for 4 weeks, no bt vision and have had two engineer calls waited at home and both sent texts saying unable to make appointment and have re scheduled for one weeks time. unacceptable i feel like cancelling the direct debit. fuming… i get sent from one department to another they dont know what they're doing ive had enough now.

  • I have a Travel Agent and was with BT for 6 yrs and I was under the impression I was saving with their Cap rate scam. Now am with a company in London called Vandercom and I am saving more than expected and plus am receiving quality services from them. BT has never compensate me for the continuous fault and wasting time to speak to their call centre. Keep transferring me from department to department. Its ridiculous.

    Melinda V

  • bt stands for BLOODY TROUBLE, moved over from bt in may , since the date of the new infinity installation have yet to recieve the 40mb service for which i am paying for. After various calls to their so called call-centre ( INDIA ) the cannot understand or explain what the issue actually is , and as for the techincal help, hitting my head od the brick wall gave me more insight.


    don't do it

  • We was told fibre would come here before easter, and would be told when we could order. Heard nothing, so checked myself with the postcode to see if any news. Then it said it was already switched on days back. We did place an order, got the email back confirming it all…delivery date and switch. The day came when the router was supposed to arrive, but nothing. Went to my BT page to track the order, but it wasnt any! Phonecall to BT, where they said nothing was registred – but it was paid for! So half an hour on the phone to register again. Checked the day after to track it, but again – nothing. Another call today, being told that nothing was registred…again! So another half an hour doing it again, being told that it will take 2 weeks now. I know it is april 1 today…BT's april joke or what? I cant believe it…totally dysfunctional. I am so angry. I went to the contact form, to complain about the customer service, but i can not find it anymore!

  • I moved from Sky to BT
    1st problem was advised to connect broadband to red outlet no good, engineer visited said it was in the wrong Ethernet connection, solved the problem after being 2 hrs approx. on the phone to India where they gave the wrong info. Bought new Smartphone S, initially could only make calls not receive, engineer visited checked the line, no problems looked at the phone could not see why calls could not be received. Now 4 days later cannot make or receive calls rang Call centre (India) at approx. 1.00 pm 16th Dec, passed from pillar to post and was finally told at 1.30pm approx. I would be called back within 15 mins, no call until 6.15pm again from India , he said he would give me a number to ring but then told me they finished at 5pm. As the engineer checked the line and the only equipment is that supplied by BT, who told me categorically that the
    company had never supplied the Smartphone, in spite of the fact that I had an order acknowledgement from them, I was informed after getting rather irate that they would ring me back between 3-5pm Wed 17th. I will believe it when I see it, my advice to anyone considering to switch to BT -DON'T!!!!!!

  • I wonder what the “you are not alone”, is referring to.
    We have tried since September to organise a migration from business to residential and BT keep transferring us from department to department in order to understand what is really going on. This is an agony, long waiting time and still it is not clear.
    BT keeps billing a company that is not existing even though the contract ended 01/10/16. They moved the telephone line finally a week ago to residential but not the broadband. No one explains what t is happening except that the billing is more than twice what the residential broadband. Rather pathetic and very disappointing.

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