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Submitted by Tejendra in October 2016

I took contract on 23 of May with BT as per below.
Broadband                                  £40.00
Spring Summer Discount        £24.00
Telephone Line                          £15.90
My total monthly charges should be £31.90
They have been charging me £79.40 every month i had a quite few time talk with them they given me credit twice but as i had contract copy.

When i called last time one of customer service guy told me that she will issue new contract with £31.90 with discount. i waited for new bill, i received new invoice today and BT charged me £95.90 for the one month.

Getting frustrated with BT  I have spent lot of hours over the phone to resolve this issue. Haven’t got solution.

I do have written contract form BT it clearly says you will be charged £31.90 per month and any usage.

If any one can help me with this issue will be appreciated.

Thank you

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