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I am writing to complain about how appalled I am with your customer services. My business has recently changed address and I rang enquiring about changing address and installation from yourselves about 1 month before I was due to move. At the time I agreed with one of your sales team that I would keep the same number and that on my last day at my old address on Saturday 13th March I would put call divert on to my mobile. (This would still enable me to help my clients and keep my business).

We agreed that on Monday 15th March one of your engineers would contact me with a date to complete my order and put me a new phone line in.

I was told this date would probably be the Monday 15th or Tuesday 16th March. This would enable me to open my business in my new premises on Wednesday 17th successfully.

No-one contacted myself so I rang your order team. At which firstly I was on hold for approx 15-20 mins from my mobile, then I was told it would be Wednesday 17th when a engineer would be coming. You could imagine how frustrated I was, as I business my clients pay with cards, but my terminal would not be working! At this point I was upset, and asked to speak to a supervisor and guess what I was put on hold again. My mobile phone is not with yourselves and as I was ringing 0845 its expensive!!!

When the engineer came I was told that to enable him to put a line in he needed written permission from my landlord. Why was I not told of this when I placed my order! Because of this I was told it would be Thursday 18th for my line. This caused my business lots of problems and I had loss of earnings as clients could not pay with their cards. I did ring to complain again but was on hold yet again.

Thursday morning the engineer came and told me ‘the job’ had been took off him and someone else would be coming tomorrow! I was very frustrated by this and thought you were having a laugh. But no, you were not so that was yet another 30-45 mines I was on hold trying to get this joke sorted. Eventually I managed to get the line in and working on the Thursday afternoon but unfortunally a lost business in the morning as clients could not pay!

You can imagine the relief when everything was eventually working. But I had lost my energy to ring again to complain and be put on hold!!!

Then two weeks ago I received my BT phone bill. Firstly it WAS sent to the wrong address (27 Chapel st). Then as I rang yet again to complain I was put on hold AGAIN. My bill was over £200.00 it which is a lot of money for a service which is a joke. I can’t believe how difficult it has been just to change address with you. I will NOT be renewing my contract again with you, and my home landline will also be moving.

As a business person I always do my very best to help clients feel welcome and stay with myself. You have done your very best to make sure I had a awful experience, I will not recommend you to anyone and will be telling them about my experience and that it actually cost me a lot of money!

If complaining by phone is anything to go by I will be very shocked if you responded to this e-mail. But that would seem to be typical as my whole experience as one of your customers is a joke!

Thank you
Karen Battersby

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  • I've had a very similar experience. No-one I spoke to at BT would even offer me the courtesy of giving me their name, probably because they were afraid of being held accountable for their own incompetence. I eventually used BT's complaints facility (you have to look very hard to find this, by the way) and sent them the words below, twice. I have received no reply. After significantly more time on my mobile to BT, I can report that after 5 weeks of missed calls the divert is now working (on 7th May), but I suspect someone a BT made a mistake and did it by accident. I have little confidence of it continuing. It's outrageous that a bunch of anonymous unaccountable amateurs can be allowed to cause so much damage – important calls from clients were simply not getting though to me over that 5 week period when I had assumed the divert was operational – because they had told me on several occasions it would be done 'later this week or early next'. I only found out when I thought I should be getting more calls than I was, so I rang the number myself and got a very angry lady who had been getting all my enquiries. Basic infrastructural issues like this should be a given. Instead we seem to be stuck in a 3rd world country with a 3rd rate telco. Text of complaint reference 100423-001773 follows:

    "Dear BT, READ this very carefully; reply accordingly, and urgently.

    Situation: I have bought the business the above landline number relates to. I currently have no landline, only my mobile as above. You have repeatedly been requested to transfer this landline number to my name (first call from original owner w/c 29th March, now 23rd April), and set up a divert to my mobile so that I can transact business. You have told me after repeated interdepartmental transfers that it will cost me a £200 cancellation fee for the Shaw Hill address; £50 to set up a new (something); £120 quarterly for maintaining the divert service + another £45 for something else. Plus I have paid £17 to date for a divert service that is not working. This is a cost I was reluctantly prepared to pay. However as it stands today, I can receive NO CALLS from my customers who call the 01225 number. This is costing me significant lost revenue. You, BT, have cost me yet more, in terms of my own lost time, and mobile phone bills – I have incurred at least 4 hours on expensive mobile calls trying to get you to sort this out and have been transferred from Sales to Billing to Faults and back to SALES again, repeating myself along the way. None of your staff seems to understand the problem so I am passed from department to department. And today I was on the line for over one and a half hours. This is UNACCEPTABLE.

    YOU HAVE TOLD ME THAT WHAT I NEED CAN BE DONE, and that it will be implemented by Monday. I do not believe you. You are supposed to be the major telco yet you have not given me confidence you will be able perform even this simple adjustment. My business is suffering badly and I hold you accountable. I'm not looking for excuses, I'm expecting action.

    I am within a very short number of keystrokes of escalating this further. Please confirm that you have, with immediate effect, allocated me 01225 xxxxxx with a divert to 07917 xxx000." Ends.

    I too am withdrawing all my services from BT.
    David Stagg

  • I am going through the exact same situtation as we speak.

    I called up in march to move 2 phone lines to my new premises. They said i needed to pay the outstanding bills, which i paid. They placed the order with the wrong address. A new order was then needed to be placed. Called yesterday to see what was happening, they said that they have cancelled the phones lines because they are giving me new lines and new numbers.
    I was very angry. All my clients have my old number and i said from day 1 i wanted to keep the number. All i wanted was the number to be moved to my new premises. How hard can it be.

    I am in the process of speaking to ofcom, trading standards and im also trying to get in touch with the media. What a shambles

  • Hi i also experienced similar problems having taken over a phone line from a previous tenant. 5 times I was promised a router 5 x it failed to turn up. I then get a bill saying it was my final bill as my account was now closed. Time spent on the phone to BT was over 4 hours and still not resolved. In addition on more than 1 occasion I was cut off with no call back. If it's not resolved by Friday 21st I am at a loss at to what to do. Only 1 person really understood my problem and I hope has resolved this, I live in hope!!!!1

  • Only anonymous as still too furious to sort my profile out!! 4 hours on phone to BT to move house around the corner where there are 3 telephone sockets but apparently no record of a BT landline there!! First rep said line could be done within a week, now it has gone up to 3 weeks until engineers can sort line out and internet! what??!! Where are we living? what year is it? HOW MUCH do they charge!
    almost 4 weeks without phone etc, great!! esp as we run a web design company..thanks BT, yes we will have your free 6 months off you for the compensation, but as soon as the contract is over YOU will be terminated! No wonder BT is down the pan…because they are crap!

  • quick enough to sell it to you
    but so uncomptent get everything wrong then try and rob you in the progress
    bt i run 4 business they all now moving and so is my homeline
    you are the worst telephone provider going and customer service well lack of it

  • Dont Know Where To Turn !

    Hi, I rang BT last tuesday to ask them to take off broadband and turn of a second line i do not use any more.

    A day later i have found out they have cancelled all lines including my main residence line i have had for 20 years.

    I rang then ranting only to be spoken by some overseas person who to be honest could not see why i was so upset. He did a check and said i had told them i no longer needed the service !

    I told him my daughter has a eating disorder and under doctors and the hospital and needed the number put back on straight away.

    I was them put in touch with customer service who told me my old account was canceled and i would have to order a new number ! I said i need the old number put on as it was THERE mistake…

    So what could i do if i had to do a new 12 month contract to get my number back so be it… she said she had made a request for my old number to be put back on but could not guarantee it ?

    Guess what after 7 days with no line they have put the line on with a different number, i have already explained the importance of keeping my old number but just did not care.

    I now don't no what to do and who to turn .. i will try to talk to someone today but i am sure i will get some overseas worker who just says there's nothing i can do.

    Any suggestions


  • Normally i would never actually go out of my way to complain about a poor service, but this is a story that could end up as a Hollywood blockbuster.
    On the 27th of July BT confirmed by e-mail that our move would be complete for the phones and broad band on the 3rd of August. See below:

    Thank you for your request to move your BT Business Total Broadband service. BT Business Total Broadband Option 3, to your new address on 01508 ******. Your order number is BOS 12012897.
    We aim to move your service on 03/08/2010.
    Please note: this date may change, depending on line checks – we’ll confirm the date in a second email.)
    We estimate that the maximum broadband speed your line can support is 3000kbps.

    So off we go to work on the 3rd to find that the phone line and broadband has been disconnected from the old address and now we have a message that the number has been changed….. But as we had explained to the "MOVERS TEAM" we would need a new line and it would require a survey!!!!! So i politely asked the help desk after 42miniutes and 17 secs on hold where do i plug my computer into and how do i get my clients to contact me???? She replied sorry sir for the error but it should be there So…… after 2hrs and 18 minutes of wasted time and 5 different people we agreed that the only solution is to re-connect the original line and put back on the broadband ! Simple…. I pay a £100 per day for 22000 square foot of works space that i am going to use one office whilst BT sorts it out!
    Six hours go by and i am told after awaiting a mere 1hr 26 minutes that the old line cant be reconnected GRRRR and it will need to be re-directed to my mobile , NO GOOD as i pointed out my PC does not plug into my mobile !!! but after a few more hours wasted the wonderful movers team and business broadband come through the door on their wonderful gold lined stallion to tell me its ok you can now use your old number but it will take 3 days to get the broadband back on .! Excellent i said only now costing me an extra £1500.00 just to be able to pay my suppliers and staff! Most people now would be either throwing in the towel or working out how to make a noose and finding a chair and a beam to jump off….. but no here comes the best bits !
    A nice chap from BT Open reach comes over to carry out a survey….. "How long before we can be connected?" I ask , "Not sure mate it needs a cable laying underground and we just missed the delivery, if you dig the trench then we will supply the cable for free" "Wonderful deal , I'll go and hire a digger and it will be here tomorrow " I said with a great big smile , and we left it at that. Later on the next day with a shiny digger ready to get the trench ready ,we get a call to tell us "Err sorry mate can't get the cable till the 20th of August " I am now at about 20000ft with anger and very politely explained we can ship an engine for a Jaguar to Hong Kong in 48 hours ! what is the problem for 25mteres of cable ! "Sorry mate that’s all we can do”
    Today is the 11th of August the rent for the empty building is now £1100 and we have a digger at £56.00+vat per day, I have spent 22 hours 18 minutes in total on the phone to BT + loss of earnings and now lost clients and a poor girl called Denise from BT has tried her best but admits this is absolute rubbish service , The fun bit is that in the mean time BT has informed me if i wish to make any claim against them i must wait till the new line is connected ! So go on BT tell me what do we do now??????

  • As i write I am on hold! 25 minutes and counting. The reason I am phoning is because BT has stoped my line without any warning, a business line. My company is based online and its very inportant I have a live BB line. The reason they stoped the line was because they had been sending the bill to the wrong address even the fact we have other lines with them …costing me time and money hate them wish I had a choice to use some other company. 29 mins and still on hold

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