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BT Contact Details

We often get asked what is the BT complaint telephone number other than 150 or 151? So we went about exploring various forums to give you a list of BT contact numbers and BT complaints addresses. Below we’ve included useful BT…

Unfair BT Cancellation Charges

BT complaint we received today about a customer problem with unfair BT cancellation charges.. Dear Sir, Madam, I’ve just been told I have to pay £77 to cancel my BT contract. I’ve just moved to a new area due to…

BT OpenReach Complaint

This BT Openreach complaint was received today and highlights British Telecom’s lack of accountability for problems within the context of BT Retail and BT OpenReach. Dear Sir, I placed an order for a home move of my account I had…

Endless struggle with BT

Our BT Broadband was suppose to be activated on the 10th of October 2016. Withou out explaining BT changed the date to the 20th. When the 20th came the Smart Hub had a flashing purple light, meaning that the broadband…

BT CEO Gavin Patterson

The CEO of BT wants to hear your complaints

Great news! The CEO of BT, Gavin Patterson, says he personally wants to hear your complaints. And there’s anecdotal evidence that you’ll get a faster, more satisfactory result if you go straight to the top when you want something fixed….

Tips on how to complain to BT

The best way to get to the high level BT complaints department is to either write directly to the chairman or a member of the board. Or write to the address on the bill. Here is a list of useful…

Telephone service

Submitted by Richard in November 2016 My telephone line has been dead since November 21st. Despite repeated assurances on-line, nothing has been done.

BT sport

Submitted by Dave in November 2016 No BT sport continuos since August 2016. 2 wall,adaptors sent One new hub sent. One remote hand set set. Two. Separate engineers sent. Loads of cables as welll. Lot of the work I was…

Reward card

Ive been trying to claim my reward card for 2 weeks now I was told that the reward company would phone me can you please sort out for me as this is a joke im just getting passed between different…

Poor poor broadband

Submitted by Allan in November 2016 Bt phone and broadband are very disappointing dropping off 3 to 5 times a day.

BT broad band installation

Hi, I am about to switch from Talktalk to BT… at first Bt book for installation last 11 of nov… it was move to other date.. wires from post to my house was installed but the inner part was not….