Cancelled BT – Tesco Broadband is cheaper and better

This BT complaint was sent in from a customer so sick of BT Broadband and their poor customer service they have switched to Tesco Broadband


You will be pleased to know that I will now be cancelling our account with BT and i’m now using the cheaper and better Tesco Broadband. I’ve had enough of a company that is in my opinion the WORST and most unprofessional business in the country.

The straw that broke the camels back:

“months ago BT tried to charge us for an engineering fault that was in the end withdrawn. During the period of claim BT decided to just change direct debit from around £42 to approx £120 per month which riled me to the extent that I cancelled the direct debit and have been paying monthly ever since.

A month or so ago I forgot to pay the bill and paid later than I should have done resulting in a reconnection and some other charge. £20 approximately but totally out of order and unfair. I tried to contact BT but ended up talking to some Indian who eventually made me so angry that I had to put the phone down on him.

He did not understand what I was asking for, and ended up reiterating that I had to pay the fee or else another late payment charge would be made! That is really good customer service!”

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