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Submitted by Michelle in October 2016

I have had a Bt package for 3 years. The phone line has been unusable as it is too quite. I have had an engineer visit to tell me nothing can be done- ‘there is most likely a kink in the wire’ somewhere along the line.. I can only use the landline for calls to Australia- with great difficulty – no other calls are made on my landline. Even sales calls don’t bother and terminate as they cannot hear me.

I have explained this problem every time I contact BT. As they ask me to talk up.. today I went to cancel my contract today after looking at packages elsewhere as the service was not fit for purpose.

I spoke with Tahir ASlam who proceeded to try to tempt me with an offer all the while dealing with his cold, sniffing, coughing and ‘hoiking’ in my ear.

I was informed that as I would not sign up for another service I would be charged £31.

I spent over an hour on the phone, requesting to speak with a complaints handler to be told it would take 5 working days. That an engineer would need to be sent – I explained that I was not happy with this, as I would need to take further time off work. Again I

asked to tak to the manager again I was informed they would contact me when it was convenient for them regardless of the fact I was the customer. After going over this for an hour, with the advisor talking over me raising his voice I was passed through to… yes you guessed it India.. the man had no idea why I was calling or for what reason, he logged a complaint as he also deals with complaints!

Does Bt not have a complaints department?
Why should I pay to be disconnected from a service that is not fit for purpose?
Do the staff have no training in customer service?

I request a copy of the transcribed call under the data protection Act call time 2pm to tahir aslam

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