Call Minder Complaint

Another complaint about BT call minder telehpne service and poor customer service staff.


Just over a week ago I telephoned to cancel the Call Minder option on my phone bill. I have 2 telephone numbers allocated to my phone line one an ex-directory number used only by family and friends.

I was totally amazed to find out on Sunday evening that this number was ‘ Not in Use ‘ I called Customer Services to report this, the Adviser I spoke to did not appear to understand what the problem was and ended up putting me through to Broadband faults, which was a complete waste of time, I was told to phone Customer Services again on Monday which I did, explaining yet again the problem, it was eventually discovered that the Call Sign option which covered my ex-directory number had been mistakenly cancelled, the Adviser assured me the problem would be rectified in 2-3 days.

On Thursday afternoon 4 days later, I phoned again and was told the telephone number would be available by 7pm that evening, 7pm came and went still no sign of the number being reinstated!! This morning ( Friday ) I called again to find out what on earth was going on, it would appear from the Advisers investigations that NOTHING had actually been done to rectify the problem.

The Adviser took yet again the details and has assured me that within the next 24 hours the phone number should be back in use. As I have been suffering from Laryngitis all week with barely a voice it had been difficult for me to communicate with your Advisers but at no point did they say they could not understand me. I do not expect this poor service from BT it is uanaceptable, and I’m sure its not rocket science to reinstae a phone number!! I look forward to your comments.

Christine Logan

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