Business Broadband Option 2 Complaint

This BT complaint was sent in from a customer frustrated with slow broadband speeds on his BT Business Broadband option 2 account.

Dear Sir

I have tried in vain to find who or which group of people in BT can fix my problem satisfactorily.

Over several weeks I have been moved from pillar to post by BT in trying to get my Business Broadband Option 2 to a decent level from the circa 384kbps that it was at some 5 weeks ago. They did once manage to get it to circa 5000 kbps but then again it fell off to circa 2000 kbps, which might be considered a result…however, the file is closed and you cannot get to speak to a supervisor, the last one at 20.21pm tonight, Gary Duncan in Dundee, was too busy to speak for at least half an hour and was to call back. It is now 21.42pm and no call….now there is a surprise. My reading is 1680kbps!

BT is now split into so many parts that you have to wait for the left hand to find the right hand never mind shake hands with it.

I cannot be the only soul being ripped off by BT with a less than satisfactory service surely.

Best Regards,

Michael Black

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  • what a pathetic company BT is,after placing an order for BT total broadband option 3 and reconnection of existing phone line on the 8th november 2009 ,an activation date of 25th november 2009 was mailed to me, this was then changed to 26th november without advising me, the hub duly arrived am, on the said day, after waiting all day for an engineer to check the line, nothing was forthcoming,I was informed that I would be advised of the reason for hold up but surprise surprise, nothing appeared,I then was told the new order was placed for the 8th december 2009 the appointment was for 8am to 1pm surprise surprise, no engineer arrived!! on making further enquiries as to why this was,I was passed to different (robots)BT staff who informed me the next date was the 17th december 2009 again without any satisfactory explanation, at this point I decided enough was enough, luckily I cancelled my contract and realised what a fool I nearly had been. Goodbye BT you are a disgrace to customer requirements.

  • Is this definitely a line issue, not a PC related problem? If they are testing the line and the rate is good, they cannot really progress it with you no matter how many managers you speak to.

    If the line rate variations you are referring to are on the line rather than just on a speed tester website then fair enough…

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