BT – Worst Customer Service Award 2007?

My 3 month BT nightmare began in June 2007. We just moved into a new build house in Cornwall and simply wanted the new phone line set up and activated. Simple? No. In no way was this simple. We had had one engineer simply not turn up. Another turned up in Durham the other side of the country.

Last night (22rd October 2007) I was on the phone for 6pm to 8pm listening to ‘we are currently very busy’!!!! for 2 hours!!! I got passed around 6 people who cancelled my order, set up a new one, cancelled again, credit check, booking engineer etc. Finally I spoke a very helpful and polite lady, the first polite person have spoke to from BT (I even had one person when I asked I wanted to set up a new line say – “You what?”) and then when I finally thought I was getting somewhere I got cut off

Even better, this morning I got a BT bill for £370 for my new address, the address with no telephone line. This is payment for the engineer that didn’t turn up and the engineer that turned up in Durham plus 2 BT Packages. You can begin to understand my frustration i’m sure! I have written a letter of complaint mid September to Head of Customer Services and have had no reply.

I can’t bear to get on the phone to them again. I cannot believe how poor their customer service has been, their operations management and their total lack of support for BT telephone customers. I was told of the problems they are having are because of the new systems in place for BT Broadband customers.

Why this should effect me not having a telephone line for 3 months is a joke.

Please submit your comments below so I can write a report to the necessary organisation to have the BT service investigated.

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  • had ,not disimilar problems.
    Got onto OFCOM who gave me a direct line to the management team, who, to be quite frank, are a waste of time as they seem to be no more than the people you get to with the normal customer line, but have a badge!!!!

  • I work for a major Telecom company and deal with these inept morons every day in my job. I have spoken with hundredsof BT employees in technical support over the years. The majority of BT’s employees are either inept or just dont care about providing decent service to their clients. They make it next to impossible to report a problem and when they do accept a report for repair it takes them a ridiculous ammount of time to resolve the outage and this is for their major business clients, I can imagine how poorly they treat residential customers. This company wouldn’t last a year in the US. The standard for acceptable service is so much higher in the US than in Europe.

  • I switched to BT 4 months back despite it's high price for it's speed but i am fed up with its slow speed ..the streaming youtube play pauses every seconds..i have to wait n wait ..

  • OMG – thank the Lord it is not just me. What a total disaster this operation is. I transferred all my services to Sky early in January. BT have decided that despite Sky taking over the contract, they will still be providing and charging me for my broadband service – I don't think so!!! I spent over an hour yesterdat trying to resolve the situation – all onus on me – and even at the end of the call I had no confidence that my matter would be resolved. I spoke to about 8 different individuals during the course of that time – all of which were effing useless. Beware the slick advertising – the term 'customer service' is a complete oxymoron. Total shite is a good way of describing BT, albeit not very marketable.

  • I'm about to move into a new house and BT tell me there is no line connected there and that I have to wait a month for an engineer, pay £127.99 for reconnection and get tied into an 18 month contract – just establishing this took at least 6 phones. I've now firmly established that indeed there is a BT landline at my new housse and I've given them the existing number. They tell me they can't phone the existing owner and he must call them. He's done this and now they say they can't discuss my business with him. I've had some sh*t customer service over the years from BT but this is taking the mick.

  • Hi

    Ive just spent the whole morning on the phone to India trying to sort out my recently installed BT Broadband.

    My initial call was to identify that although I was able to get online and receive emails I was not able to send emails.

    I agreed to allow the technician to remotely access my Mac and she played around for a while with the yahoo account as there was an issue with my email address and login.

    The she started to play with the preferences on the Mac Mail program,

    When I asked her what she was doing with my incoming server information (bearing in mind it was receiving OK) she said Im just going to set up a new account for you,

    What she did though was to delete my account, delete all my inbox and sent items.

    I quizzed her and she said all I needed to do was to put in the correct incoming mail server and I would get all me emails back again. (STANDARD PROCEDURE BEFORE MAKING ANY CHANGES TO MAIL ACCOUNTS IS TO MAKE A BACK UP OF THE FOLDERS ONTO THE DESK TOP)

    When we tried it was not found to be possible she passed me to her supervisor, he asked what she had done and I explained and he said it wouldn't be a problem as the emails would be on the computer. He then passed me to another colleague.

    He made me try and explain what had happened but said he couldn't help.PROCEDURE

    I asked him to contact the first technician but he said this wasn't possible,

    I asked to make a complaint, the lady took it ok but of course couldn't comment nor was she willing to try and put the original tech and mac specialist in touch to try and find a solution.

    Very disappointed, let down and frustrated with BT,

    I am told that there will be a record of the remote accessing and am hoping that that will be evidence enough for proving the wrong doing and justification for compensation.



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