Submitted by Roy in November 2016

For some time now the broadband signal we have been receiving has been poor. I have complained about it before and been told there’s nothing wrong or I need new connectors etc. Everyday the signal becomes so weak that ‘limited service shows up on the signal strength.

On Monday it became worse and as I began watching Man C V Barcelona the screen went blank and I have not been able to watch BT sport on any channel.

I attempted to contact you by phone but the lines were clogged up and after 40 mins I gave up.

In the past you have overcharged me and what started as a 56 pound per month agreement is now approaching 100 pounds and my patience has run out.

Unless you do something about this problem I intend to end the contract with you. I have already contacted your competitors who have offered me deals that are much better than the deal I have with you.

The service you have given me over the last 3 years has quite candidly been bad. Your advertisements stating you have the best broadband is frankly a joke.

Now we have no broadband signal and I can still not access BT sport, so I ask you what am I paying for?

If I don’t hear from you within the next few days with sensible honest answers I will break my agreement with you and accept a competitors offer.

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