BT – What don’t you understand? My house burnt down!

This BT customer services complaint clearly highlights the fact that BT do not listen to their customers. This poor customer had their house burnt down so on top of the stress and worry of this, they had BT to contend with! Here is their complaint.


On January 1st 2012 my house unfortunately burnt down. As soon as the Bank Holiday was over, I contacted BT and explained the situation. I asked for the phone line and broadband package to be set up in the rental accommodation I moved to. I explained that I needed to be able to communicate with a range of people involved in.insuring my home.

The woman I spoke to said that I was on the wrong package and that if I agreed to take BT Vision I would not incur any charges, although I was changing the contract. I was extremely stressed and distressed at this point and when I realised that BT Vision was not for me – I don’t watch that amount of TV to justify it, I telephoned BT the day after and said that I wished to cancel the BT Vision package and that I was thinking of moving to another, cheaper provider.

The operative I spoke to said that inn that case I would be charged £160 cancellation fee because I would be cancelling my original contract. Because I really could not afford this, I agreed to stay with BT. The operative told me that the original order for the phone and Broadband package, due to be installed on Jan. 18th would be cancelled and they gave me a new date – 23rd. January.

On January 18th the cancelled order appeared to have been filled as the phone line was working with the number the operative had given me and a home hub was delivered. Unfortunately, the Broadband would not connect. We contacted the helpline, which I believe is located in India. They allegedly made several checks on the line and assured us that the Broadband would be working within 48 hours – needless to say it wasn’t. We were then bombarded with texts to say a home hub would be delivered on the 23rd and that an engineer would call.

We waited AGAIN and on the 23rd. an engineer did in fact arrive, as did a second home hub (which I expect I have been charged again for) It then transpired that the number we had been given by BT and which was working, was in fact incorrect. We were then given another number (Of course we had advised everyone of the number we were first given). Eventually, 2 hours after the engineers visit, we were connected to Broadband.

Today, when I visited the remains of my gutted home, I found a letter from BT welcoming the new occupier!

This is after repeatedly telling BT that the house is inhabitable! BTs advertising campaign says ‘It’s good to talk’ – perhaps they should try to LISTEN a little more.

Mrs. J.W. Granger

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