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I’m writing to complain about your BT Vison service. We first decided to go ahead with BT Vision when we took out our boardband and phone line with yourselfs and you can see from your records that this was early last year (2009) we then received the box but no connection was set up even after many of phone calls with yourself!

We then eventually after two different phone calls in one week as we spoke to an adviser set out the plan we were going to have which took 30 mins then he told us we would have the box in the within the next week after 10 days the box did not arrive to be told when we rang once again that the order had not been placed once again!!!!

We were eventually sent out a different box we were then connected after waiting all this time. We have now had BT vision just over “months and i have had to ring the help line 5 different times (including last night when I was on hold for 35 minutes) to get reconnected not the mention the amount of times the system has gone down that I havent rang and just left it as I didn’t have the time to sit on hold of 30 odd minutes.

This is not good enough in the time we have had BT vision it has gone down more than 12 times this is not good service and is completely unexetable as I pay for a service and I am not receiving this service. I sit down on a saturday night to watch a film with my family…a service that I pay for. I would like to know what is going to be done about it.

Yours Sincerly

Charlotte Maunder

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  • I arranged bt call centre to call me re getting set up with bt vision and have sky sports 1 & 2 included. The call centre girl was Lola who I have no complaint about. Having disussed all and agreeing to set up direct debit to pay I asked when it is installed could we have specific instruction as we are both OAP (70) + I was told this would be £89 engineer installation fee. I could not believe it. I was told the package would be delivered to our house and we would have to install it ourselves. I told Lola we could not do this as it is beyond our knowledge, we know nothing about electrical installations and if we attempted to do this the chances are that 1) We would not succeed 0r 2) electrocute ourselves. Lola consulted her manager about this, he was not helpful. How can they charge us £89 to install BT Vision with exrta channels. This is almost 1 week of my state pension.

  • I to am having terrible customer service. They need to re train most f their staff. I had BT Vision broadband and calls and all was well and working and all i wanted was to have a £1.50 add on service removed.Simple not for BT however. They then proceeded to cancel my BT Vision and my broadband service. I have spent over 6 hours trying to sort this out and have it reinstated which still has not been done. I now have more BT equipment at my home than i know what to do with why they sent it i have no idea as i already have it. I am now gonna get the Which legal team to take this on as am a member i've tried everything possible. All this madness for something so simple. I guess if you employ poorly educated people substandard training and pay them 12,000 a year salary then this is the service to be expected!!!! I am appalled by this but i don't suppose they give a shit.

  • I have had more stress with bt service since joning them in may than i have had bringing up 3 kids alone, it is not acceptable arrrrgh!!

  • We had similar problems on the setting up of the BT vision having been phoned at our home and sold BT vision by a lovely Geordie lad, it would arrive in the next 10 days with films and sport galore, after 2 weeks and still no vision box we decided to phone BT after two phone calls later they admitted that no order had been placed, when eventually it all arrived we still had no sport except the odd game from the 1960's or 80's. The films worked intermitantly and always seem to fail right at the end! Now and then the recording service was unavailable and the on demand enventally righting itself after over a week. But that is really a minor complaint. My partener has spent four months on the phone trying to find where the sport he was promised and after seeing the adverts for sky sports 1 and 2 on BT vision he became more and more irrate! Eventually they addmitted that when we took out BT vision we would recieve the sky sport chanels to watch current football but Barclays had pulled out from BT, this information was never passed on so they agreed to compensate us with a free veiwing card (ESPN), brilliant… untill friday when we recived a letter telling us that a £9.99 charge would be added to our next bill!!! I give up! Epic Fail!

  • have upgraded to the unlimited broadband twice now and still im on the 40gb limit? why and im getting charged a pound for every gb over this. and bt keep denying the fact that ive upgraded my package and refuse to take my complaint because they havent sent me out confirmation of this.

  • We have BT Vision as part of our broadband and phone package. I called them on 12th September 2010 as the programme information had disappeared from the bottom of the TV screen. The TV picture / sound were working absolutely fine. After calling BT, they switched off my picture and said I need to wait 3 working days for them to send me a new adaptor. 4 working days later, nothing had arrived. I called them again and was told there was no record of my order, so it was being placed again. A week later and still no adaptor arrived. I called them again on 22nd Sept. Again I was informed there was no record of my order and they would 'try' to order it again and 'hoped' it would arrive.

    I really, really wish I'd never called them in the first place. I could have lived with a functioning TV with no programme information at the bottom. Now I have no functioning TV. Plus each time I have called BT, I have waited in long queues, been cut off many times, been passed around from one department to another, been told my case was already 'closed' or 'sorted out' and been completely and utterly frustrated. I get the impression of total chaos from the BT customer services team, a complete lack of communication between departments and total disregard for following up to see if a case or problem has been resolved. Those answering the phone seem keener to sell me an 18 month contract than sort out my query. I have no confidence at all from speaking to BT that my picture will return or the adaptor will ever arrive. What on earth has happened to BT? They should take a leaf out of British Gas's book – they have brilliant customer services and keep your case open until it has been resolved.

    September 22nd, 2010

  • I also have had terrible service from bt vision I wish I had gone with Virgin. I have had to have my box replaced (in less than a year) and now after speaking to several departments and many people have been told my adaptors are at fault. New ones are supposed to arrive today but after reading other comments I am not holding my breath. I only have 1 tv and can't watch any channels, it is just not working. I think we should all repoart them to ofcom .

  • Don't go with Virgin! I had terrible experience with them and returned to BT, thinking that things could only get better- Wrong. I started with simple phone and broadband package, phone was no problems, but it took them over a month to get broadband working! Followed by a lot of double billing. I was told the speed on my line was not fast enough for BT vision, so didn't bother with that to start with. Had many sales calls re Bt vision as now the speed was fine, vision box arrived a week into August and I was very happy. Come September my kids are complaining that the on demand doesn't work. After a lot of calls they send an engineer. He says the hub adaptor and the BT vision adaptor are not synchronised. he sorted that, now the speed on the line is not sufficient and I will need to wait 10 days before it gets up to speed, by which time the adaptors may be out of sync again, best thing to do is connect your hub and your vision box with an Ethernet cable, which you have to buy yourself, am beginning to lose the will to live.

  • Dear All
    I moved into my new house just two months ago and unfortunately cancelled my sky service at the old house in favor of a full BT Broadband, landline and vision package at the new house.

    From the outset it was installed two weeks after BT had sent me a letter telling me it was already installed – it was not.

    Multiple phone calls to various members of the BT Call centres in India each lasting at least 40 minutes and eventually I had a phone line, broadband and TV….

    …or so I thought

    Two months on I have never yet been able to watch a movie from start to finish without a disruption in the service, BT have sent me two replacement adaptor plugs and yet I still have the same problems.

    This evening the engineers told me to go through the same routine of taking out the plugs and 're-syncing' them side by side (yes I now know this routine well) and then re-connecting everything and hey service!

    The engineers' response – wait 12 to 24 hours and it should get better. It is entirely preposterous that I should be expected to wait in this manner before being able to watch a programme that I have paid for.

    I rarely have the time to take an evening out to sit and watch TV in the first place and of the 3 or 4 occasions that I have tried to do this since starting with BT Vision, I have ended up with the same problem ending up spending my evening calling BT

    Now, when I tried to complain this evening that this was a service that I pay for and it is (nor ever was) 'fit for purpose' and that I would like to cancel, I am told that I will have to pay a cancellation fee!

    Will someone please tell me how to get rid of this dreadful service without incurring penalties? I have already incurred the cost of a new aerial and the installation fees let alone the cost of movie rental.

    If Sky would like me to represent on their behalf why a customer should not switch to BT, then I am their man!

    Yours in absolute frustration

    David Parry

  • I have just joined bt and took the basic package plus sky1 and 2 plus free ESPN. It was installed on Monday 22 Nov and since then I have had to ring bt vision twice. The first time I got a 'technician' who thought he had sorted it out.he failed to mentio that i had to reboot the box The second guy finally sorted it out and i got the sports channels. On Thursday evening we had an automated call from bt telling us that to see sports we had to reboot again. looking at sky sports 1 we had a picture so did not bother. Saturday came and I settled down to watch the lunchtime match, soon as i switched the box on it went into reboot mode and i missed the first half. Put a call into btvision and am still waiting for them to ring back. Now Sunday lunchtime. Not a happy bunny

  • after many years with sky and costing me lots of money , i looked in to B.T vison and it was a lot cheaper so after a few phone calls thought i had booked in for, home hub, tv, phone . Home hub came no tv box !!!! called them they had no booking for t.v after 1hour and 30 min on phone re booked it took 3 weeks to come ….so had no tv for 3 weeks as ended contract with sky …NOT HAPPY …tv box came by post on 25th nov, (was left on door step)set it all up BUT could not get any channels ie bbc1 ,bbc2, itv, channel4, phoned up and asked for help got put thougt to a man that would come out and check aerile BUT it would cost me … £45 then if i need new aerile could cost me up to £125 omg wot a rip off .. so as a single women had to sort this out on my own , so got on roof and put new aerile, up still no pic …arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr but i will not be paying for a man to look at my new aerile and tell me its no good and need one off him .. so still no tv , B.T have been f###king crap and cant get rid as i will hve to pay to come out of my contract… allso spent 2 days on phone trying to sort it and as its a 0800 number i have to pay for calls !!!!

  • I have had an utterly frustrating experience with BT Vision. There is constant interference with the picture and the phone does not work. I have been passed around different departments for these on going problems for over 2 months. Just had a repair man out from BT who told me quote: I have ‘c**p reception’, which is not a BT problem, oh and its a different repair department altogether for the phone, even though you pay for a package! You cannot be put through to the complaints department directly, they pass you from department to department (which is costly on a mobile if your phone is not working), and do not follow up any complaints. I could go on! but basically BT is a really dreadful service, I would not recommend it to anyone, and I will cancel my contract as soon as it runs out.

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