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Dear BT Complaints

I wanted to bring to your attention a catalogue of cock-ups we have experienced with BT over the past of year. The problems began when we moved house in Feb 2009. We contacted BT to ask if our BT Vision would work at out new address and were advied that it would work. We also enquired as to our Broadband and were told we had a 3gb line to the new address so would experience enhanced service than our previous address.

On moving into the new house, we set up the BT vision box to find we could not get it working. Numerous calls to BT customer services acheived nothing and eventually one guy came clean and told us that the line to our house was running at just 1/2 gb and was insufficient to support digital tv. The broadband connection was also much slower than at the old address.

More recently, we changed our supplier to Sky and have had nothing but trouble with BT since. Basically our contract ended with BT in Feb 2010 and we are constantly receiving reminder letters for £90.94 for services from March to May 2010 despite the account being terminated. My wife has spent hours on the phone to BT customer service trying to sort out their faults and was initially spoken to by a lady who said, BT were offering existing customers price cuts and alternative services, if this is the case why were we not told until we came to terminate our account with them? My wife advised the lady that we were not interested and obtained a number from her to pass onto our new provider.
After receiving the first late payment bill for this £90.94 my wife re-contacted BT and was advised NOT TO PAY the bill and await a phone call from BT within 5 days. NO phone call was received and today we receive yet another late payment bill for £90.94.

Again my wife phoned the customer services and was in conversation with a very rude and unhelpful man who told her that the £90.94 must be paid. We are actually in credit with BT.
He upest my wife to the point she hung the phone up on him and called an alternate operator.
This second operator was extremely helpful and told my wife NOT TO PAY the bill, but to wait instead until 18th March 2010 when we would receive a FINAL BILL and any late payment charges would be waved by BT.

We are extremely angry at the incompetence of British Telecom and do not appreciate being spoken to in the manner this man was using with my wife today. It worries me that another British institution is losing valuable customers because staff are either poorly trained, ignorant, rude or incompetent.

Thanks BT for nothing.

Many thanks to you for letting us vent our spleen

Mr and Mrs Alton, Shropshire.

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  • i,ve been a week so far with no bt vision, phoned bt to report it i signed up for the package, broadband, and the bt vision got the broadband working after a week, now the phone line and vision are not working, am no good at understanding what we,re asked to do, not happy about this it,s not what i signed up for, thought you were the best?

  • i have no replay or demand since saturday it is now wedesday.problem was meant to be fixed for tuesday .still not fixed said it could take 24 48 hours.

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