BT Vision Problem

Another unhappy BT Vision customer complaining about a problem regarding broadband speed when they tried to join from Sky. 

Dear BT Complaints

I have made a complaint on several occasions to BT without success. I was contacted by BT to join Vision for £4.99 per month which I considered but as I was a Sky subscriber I informed the BT advisor I would need to cancel my subscription and then join Vision.

So I cancelled my Sky subscription and got back to BT who then informed me there was a time limit on the offer which they did not tell me before but they could offer me the service for £6.99 per month but I would require an outside aerial. I gave this some further thought and then decided to purchase an outside aerial as advised by BT.

I got in touch with BT yet again and informed them of my decision to join Vision as I had now fulfilled the requirements needed to join cancelled my Sky subscription purchased an outside aerial its now all systems go. But to my surprise and utter disgust the operative informed me my broadband speed does not meet up with required standard to supply Vision.

You can imagine my disgust at this stage, however they suggested sending out an engineer to check my broadband speed. The engineer performed his check and informed me the results confirmed I had more than enough speed to get Vision with a reading of 7320kbps.

I got in touch with BT again bot they then said my speed was fluctuating and I could not get Vision, I complained quite bitterly about this whole episode of events so much so that a BT manager called me and apologised and offered me £25.00 off my next bill as a good will gesture for all the problems I incurred. I reluctantly accepted this and thought, at last some closure to this epic problem. But alas 30 minutes after this conversation with the manager I received an email stating the manager had made a mistake and the offer was reduced to £15.00. I made a further complaint about this but BT never responded.

Tom Mc Henry

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  • I phoned bt and enquire about bt vision and bt internet.I was told by a advisor that another company had a tag on my line.I was told that bt would have to disconnect my phone line and reconnect it to lose the tag.This did not work they then told me they would have to send a engineer to put in another line.A engineer arrived and told my wife he had come to repair our phone he said to my wife that we could not get a dialling tone and needed a new box fitted my wife explained the situation.He remark about the telephone staff not knowing their jobs properly and said he go back to the exchange.We then got a new number but bt did disconnect my old line so i got two bills and two line rental.I finally got my bt vision but i can only get bbc channels. When i phoned bt about this problem to be advised that my aerial might not be digital and i was advised that they could give me a phone number for a aerial company.Not once did they advise me during two and a half months before i got bt vision did bt tell me that i would need a digital aerial.When i phoned bt to say i wanted to cancel after just one day they told me i was in a contract for eighteen months and would cost a lot of money

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