BT Vision problem after problem

This BT complaint is in regards to an ongoing saga with BT Vision that has escalated into a full blown complaint.

January (beginning)
A call from your BT vision sales department was made to my home telephone number, my husband answered the call and listened to the offer of BT vision. He said that his wife (myself) was not home and dealt with all of the accounts etc and we already had sky so would need to speak to me, he specifically said, nothing has been ordered or charged for this call to which your team replied NO.

Later that evening I got a text message along with an email explaining my order was confirmed and setup times and dates agreed. Extremely confused, as this was NEVER ordered i called BT on 3 occasions, on all 3 times was promised a call back and for the account to be disabled without charge. NO call backs.

A few weeks on the BT vision box, remote etc was delivered to my home address. Again confused, I called BT explained this was not what was required, I never ordered and the technology would remain in the box until picked up by BT. A callback was also promised for this. NO call back.

12th April 2010

After 2 months of bills for a product that not only did I not order, but had severely tried to cancel and clear up any misunderstanding I call back to BT and ask to speak with management. I eventually after explaining the saga to several different members of a team spoke with a (forgive me for any spelling mistake) Katie/Kerry Dougatt??

This person explained she was manager level, could help and even though I had fear of putting the phone down and waiting for a call back ensured me that she would deal with this problem and call me back, she could not look into straight away and needed to listen to original call with my husband, she also explained that I was not legally allowed to cancel a product as I had gone past the 28 day cooling off period and needed to seek advice on that, which I found even more infuriating considering I had NOT ordered and tried to cancel and this was purely the incompetence of staff at BT. However, I left the problem with Ms Dougett expecting as promised a call back later that day. NO call back.

13th April 2010

I call BT again speak to several different members of staff who all want the details of the complaint etc, even though I am asking to speak with Ms Dougett and if they could just send a message to her – after 2 months of painful misunderstanding on BT’s behalf, I believe I am well within my right to want to speak to management now and expet a solution to be near if not in hand. A message was sent to Ms Dougett to call me back AS PROMISED.

A call back was received by Ms Dougett a few moments later, explaining they were still looking into the phone calls and needed to hear that this was not ordered before moving on, I should have faith that she would ensure was dealt with and not to worry.

28th April 2010

I have just called BT after receiving my 3rd bill with the BT vision charge again on my statement. I spoke to a female member today, who I unfortunately did not catch her name as when I told her to read the complaint history rather than me explain a 100th time, she put me on hold to speak to the relevant people and was going to get cancelled immediately apologising profusely for BT’s constant confusion, after sitting on hold for 10 mins approx I have been cut off.

BT have my home number and mobile in complaint history, The call was cut off over 30 minutes ago, courtesy would be to call me back, NO, nothing – in the time of waiting for a call back rather than me call BT and explain to another member I have managed to type out my complaint.

I would like this complaint looked into as a matter of urgency. I have been a customer for 3 years at this property and always used your services at other addresses, this saga that I have experienced tailing back to January now is completely unacceptable and a more than valid reason why I will be cancelling all of my services with you once resolved.

I require the following:

The telephone call listened to that BT originally made to my home number in January, you claim all calls are recorded, is this not the case?

  1. A valid reason why it has taken 3 months and still no solution from BT
  2. A response from Ms Dougett to why at management level she believes she can just ignore a clients complaint week on week that to me is simple.
  3. A reason to why i have had to call on ALL occasions to try and sort out this tedious confusion
  4. Money reimbursed for the 3 months of BT Vision that has been charged to me, not on BT phone bill account, I want this into my Bank account that you rudely have had the audacity to take each month.
  5. Compensation to me the client for having to deal with a problem and worry each day whether or not this will be resolved.
  6. Once monies have been reimbursed into my bank account I wish to cancel telephone line and Broadband with you – if there is a charge because there is a contract in place, I would hope you would look into this and waiver with the poor standard of service you have given over the last few months.

I would appreciate a response in writing to all 7 of my requests with immediate effect, I am 8 months pregnant and this is something that I wish to be cleared up before my baby is born. Please also indicate a direct person to speak to rather than the 0800 numbers that I have called for the past 3 months.

Mrs Kelly Sawyer

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  • To whom it may concern:-

    Since purchasing a lap-top at home last winter, BT appeared to be the main internet provider in my area. We duly switched our phone line, added the internet and switched from Sky to BT vision – as at the time it seems to make sense. *********Big mistake**************
    Although our phone and broadband connection seem fine, BT Vision has NEVER worked successfully. Apparently this is due to the lack of speed on broadband. I have made numerous lengthly telephone calls and had an engineer out (who we were told afterwards was not at all relevant to our problem!). I want to break the contract and get out from BT Vision, but the engineers will not recommend this to Customer Services until they have satisfied all sources. They SEEM to have given up on us as promised to call back within 48 hours about 3 weeks ago. Since last year- we as a family have not settled down together and watched anything for ages. Imagine how disappointing it is to sit and plan to relax then end up getting angry, frustrated and shouting at each other! Can you help? PLEASE? Regards Alison Nock

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