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To BT Complaints

I would like to make a complaint about the service that BT has provided us with.

From the very beginning when I first phoned BT to organise just a standard line rental from BT I have been provided with an absolutely terrible service. I must ring BT a couple of time a week, sit in queues for up to half an hour or longer at a time then get told different things by different sales people and different people in different departments, never have I had such a bad service from any other company in my life.

I have said on a number of occasions that I want to cancel the whole package and have been told that I can’t cancel the BT broadband and am now locked into a contract. I find it very sneaky how you do this, as it was the BT Vision that we were most disappointed with but the broadband is sent to you and installed 5 days before you receive any of the BT vision equipment and apparently ties you then into a contract you are unable to get out of.

Although our BT Vision equipment did NOT in fact arrive after 5 days of receiving the Hub etc and even when it was received we were not getting any kind of signal for the BT Vision, after yet another phone call to BT I was told that my details would be passed to a member of the installation team or whatever they were called and we would be contacted before close of play on the Tuesday which would have been the 6th of April. We were in fact not contacting by anyone and after trying it once again on the Tuesday evening found we were connected but still NOT with a service we were happy with.

When first enquiring about the BT package, BT Vision imparticular which I was not familiar with, we were told that although we may not receive all the channels through our freeview we would receive all the channels through the on demand, this is not the case at all.

After speaking with several of the BT staff and been told different things from different people, passed from one department to another and on many occasion being fobbed off and made to feel very confused about the service I should receive from the BT vision then having to ring again because the service we were getting was no good enough and definitely not what we were lead to believe.

I have since once again been in contact with BT and said I want to cancel everything, I think I was miss sold the equipment, the terms and conditions were not made clear and I am paying for a service which I am not happy with at all. Apparently a form has now been filled in and the calls which I have had with BT are going to be checked as they are recorded and someone will get back to me. I don’t actually think this is good enough, once again I am being fobbed off and in the meantime I am paying for a service which I am really not very happy with at all.

No one at BT seems to be trying to help resolve this situation for us so I would appreciate it if someone could get back to us at a higher level and help resolve this matter for us.

Since all the problems we have had with BT, we have since this morning been unable to access the internet and e-mails due to a page that opens to do with BT Openzone and buying into it which we are NOT interested in.

If BT provided a service which we were happy with, had staff that were helpful and informative and if we felt that we had not been miss-sold the package and led to believe it delivered more than what it actually does we would be more than happy to stay with BT but this is certainly not the case and is becoming a real hassle. I am busy working 2 jobs and don’t have time to sit on the phone to BT every other day.

Your Miss Emma Butterill a very annoyed customer of BT indeed

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  • I hate having to phone a bt because of the indian call centres. Communicating to them in english is a serious problem.

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