BT VIsion Package nightmare

We ordered a BT Vision Box and it was activated on 6 Dec. We also paid a fee for an engineer to come and install the box, and the only slot available for that was on 22 Dec. When he arrived, he could not install the box as there was no aerial socket in the room, just one in the kitchen.

Having spoken to BT today, as far as they are concerned, this order is complete. Yet we have been paying for the service for almost a month, but the box is still not installed. Not to mention the £35 fee for the engineer visit.

I have checked our contract and the BT website, and there is nowhere stated that we need to have an aerial for this product to work. The fee for an aerial to be installed is over £100, which we cannot afford at the moment.

BT have agreed to amend their website in the near future to add the aerial socket as a requirement for the package, but have offered me no compensation or advice on how to handle this. They will only talk to me after I have paid someone to come and install the aerial socket.

A disgrace!!!

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  • everything I have read above applies to me. I ordered BTVision in December to start in January when I finished with Sky. No engineer turned up althought I was led to believe this would happen after I said I didn't know how to install the system myself. My aerial fell off the roof 2/3 years ago and we have received programmes through the sky dish and freeview so it did not occur to me that an aerial was required for BTVision and this was not mentioned when I ordered in December. I had to employ a local tv engineer to find this out and when he rang BT to try to discuss this he was met with outrageous, overbearing arguement from BT technicians. They are now saying that I have to pay the 12 months contract because I said I had an aerial – which I didn't.

  • i just had a similar experience and they misled me and entered me into a 12 contract, on the basis that its OK just to confirm terms in writing.
    Fraud and they cannot find a number for me to escalate this too, apparantly it just takes 5 days top respond!
    Corporate arrogance in the extreme, which must be ripping off customers on a grand scale who are less contractually aware than myself!

  • i think bt vision is a joke promise after promise i got mine on the 4th of january and still not working fifteen phone calls and it is still outrages i am fighting with them all they say is we will sort it out well they got till the 10th of january and its a cancellation enough is enough

  • BT what a set up! aaaargh !!!left sky in aug 2011 for BT, got package, phone, broadband etc.7 weeks of trying to get a decent service for broadband because it was really slow or didnt work at all or worked for a certain time or the best bit, when someone phoned and you answered, the internet cut off. Line checked thats fine they said, to top it all speaking to an operative(one of many) was told and I quote "thats all we can do for you" wrote to them, phoned them but to no avail. I have now been sent a bill for £256 for canceling my contract (which they did not fulfill)I was patient with them throughout but there comes a point Service was terrible oh but they are not long contacting you when you owe them any kind of monies SO FOLKS BEWARE !! This was a question of service not a money matter. If you bought a new car and it didnt work properly would you take it back? I rest my case

  • Been with BT since last June worst thing that I have ever done as spent hours talking to the Call Centre in India as have had billing problems since joining, can't wait to join Richard Branson's mob !

  • We are the same not an ounce of decency from the indian people they do not seem to understand a thing you are explaining to them, we have been given a box we did not ask for,all we wanted was an upgrade to unlimited on broadband,they couldnt do it, they offered us this and we now have to find £108.00 thats higher than any of our old bills,and they have charged us for a second line we do not have this was just a number change, increased the price of our line rental,broadband and telephone,i thought this was a contract so the prices should stay the same throughout the duration but no they can increase when they like this is wrong, already told them to shove it going elsewhere, and we will.

  • a home tv aerial socket is your responsibility, not bt's is it. it clearly states when you order bt vision that you need a suitable tv aerial for operation. if you went and purchased a tv from argos and got it home, would it be there fault if you had no tv aerial to plug it into? come on use a bit of common sense!!

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