BT Vision Mis-Sold Complaint

I am writing with reference to BT Vision that I have been mis-sold. I bought the package on the understanding that I would be able to get all channels through my Broadband account.

The BT Vision box has been delivered and you have sent a letter stating that we need to live in a Freeview coverage area and have a working TV aerial to receive all stations.

We DO NOT live in a Freeview coverage area and we DO NOT have a TV aerial!

Had I known that this was required to receive all channels then I would NOT have bought and subscribed to BT Vision. You have sold me this equipment and package under false pretences. I do not want it and I want to be re-imbursed immediately.

After calling The Gyle at Edinburgh, the people who sold me the package, I was given a number – they did not want to help. The number was wrong – I called a at least six BT departments and I have finally spoken to someone called Catherine who has told me that the matter will have to be investigated. It does not need to be investigated. It is very, very simple. I do not want BT Vision box or subscribe to it because I will be unable to receive all channels.

BT told me that I could receive it via Broadband – this is not true. I can only receive on demand through Broadband. I understand that you may charge me for cancelling this. This unacceptable. I also understand that it takes a week to investigate this. This is unacceptable. I was not permitted to speak to a supervisor either; this too is unacceptable.

I am outraged at this and I would like to be immediately re-imbursed the £45 and for a courier to come and collect the BT Vision equipment. It remains at my house still in the packaging. Please also immediately cancel my monthly subscription from my account.

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  • I have just moved into a rented flat. Despite assurances via the letting agency that there was an aerial booster, my TV reception is poor.

    Unfortunately I did not know this when I placed the order. I have spent a lot of time of the phone to the technical team since then and have basically been told that if I want to cancel it will cost me £2.70 for each month of my contract (18 months), plus £199 cancellation fee … add to this the £45 I paid for the box and the £10 for the card, I'm looking at over £300.

    The technical team think it is the aerial, but as I am renting I can not control this – there is also a bunch of charlatons involved (the letting agency). BT have agreed to send out an engineer in 10 days time to see if they can get the on demand part of the service working. If they can't then they'll cancel the whole contract. If it works then I stuck with equipment that basically doesn't work and a large monthly bill for a service that I can't access.

    Not impressed!

  • I know BT are a shower, but you have no complaints here I'm afraid.

    "We DO NOT live in a Freeview coverage area and we DO NOT have a TV aerial!"

    Front page of BT Vision website states;

    What you need:
    BT Broadband – if you don't already have it
    Get a TV, Broadband and Calls package
    A TV and rooftop aerial
    Freeview coverage
    Check if you can get Freeview

    I also don't live in a freeview area, only use BT vision for on demand, this was explained to me, and was all over their website when I ordered it too.

    Your mistake here, I'm afraid.

  • I phoned to cancel my BT Vision in July as I don't use this product enough and was paying £14.99 a month. I was informed that I could keep it and only pay £4.99 a month (which is in fact £2.00 off my broadband) but works out £6.99. I was sold the product on that I would be getting the same products.
    Against my better judgement I bought the idea.
    Having found out that every time I wanted to watch something on demand it costs 99p – I believed BT had
    changed there viewing policy. I realised that I still would not be watching it enough and phoned BT.
    I was informed that I would be paying 99p for each programme as I downgraded. When I informed them I was told I would be receiving the same service – a very rude man at the other end said you don't get anything for nothing!!! I asked to speak to a manager – he then hung up on me!!
    I phoned again and again eventually said I don't care about the charge of cancellation because it would just be pleasing to get rid of this and in fact I would be taking my service for broadband and phone elsewhere. He then hung up. I am very reasonable and find it hard to comprehend that a product could not have been made clear. I really wish I had continue to cancel this initially and I believe that all of these phone companies are the same.
    Bad selling – contracts mislead. I will be writing to OFCOM also.

  • I ordered BT Vision, as I was assured the Living channel would be there. So I cancelled my Sky account and awaited the arrival of my box. It turned up and shortly after fitting it, the on demand would not work, permenant frozen picture.

    Technical difficulties tried to upgrade hub from their end (did not work) and even tested the line, this also did not work! I rang after 2 and a half hours of receipt to cancel it. I spoke to a lady called catherine, telling her i didnt want it, yet she said "from what you're saying, it sounds like you have been mis-sold this product".

    I was told to wait 7-10 days for them to ring back and confirm that I was mis-sold, as they would need to listen to the transcript. This did not happen, the request was sent to the wrong people (now 20 days).

    I rang numerous times and was eventually told I would be phoned in the next 5 days. We are now hitting 20 days, after 6 phone calls from myself and nothing from BT at all.

    I received a letter saying that they had failed to get hold of me – they did not ring my mobile or landline number at all! Liars!

    I then had a letter telling me to contact those people: Escalation Resolution team on 01324 458076, this number is permanently engaged, even at 10.40pm.

    I even checked my BT bill online earlier and to my utter disgust I have been charged £45 for the Vision box, I was NOT made aware of when I was being sold it.

    Having got completely sick and tired of waiting I have continued to ring, Including tonight, adding the complaint about the box charge, but have got nowhere.

    I feel that I was led into the mis-sold route in the hope (BT's hope) that they could charge me £199, so I have to pay to get myself out of a contract.

    This is not resolved and furthermore they will not get away with treating me like this. Hopefully through here, we can raise more awareness – Disgusting!

  • I too signed up with BT … i found the internet patchy, on and off all the time and television they MIS-sold me had hardly any sky channels on demand as they promised. The odd sky programme would be on for weeks and weeks. error-vo4 is all that we watched because the programmes rarely came on due to BT fault i have since gone bk to sky and talk talk to which BT responded by sending a 700 pound bill for the "free" hub and box and the remainder of the contract fees,Truely a sham of a company if ever i saw one. They they need shutting down, but they must have someone in their back pocket to keep getting away with these things! But they can take me to court for it…. i will not pay , even at the expense of a ccj, i dont need credit anyways!

  • Please see the complaint I sent below. (yes i realise there is spelling errors but its late and hard to write and listen to my mrs speak rubbish at the same time)

    Where do I begin; First of all im disconnected a day after paying my bill then made to pay £12 reconnection fee (admitedly this has now been refunded) but it happened and caused me an inconvienience, then when I call to inform you that Im moving house you give me a choice either pay £130 for an engineers visit (which I knew from past experience with bt wouldnt be needed) or take out BT vision and pay a £30 setup fee.

    I asked various questions about BT vision before taking it out as I was already with sky and very happy with it.

    Questions asked was;

    :Is Does BT vision have HD channels
    :Do I get the same channels as SKY

    I was told yes to these questions.

    When all said and done its a gloryfied youtube as the programs that are shown are old and certainly not as a live channel like the sales rep described.

    On the day my engineer was due to come (after I booked a day off work and being an engineer myself my loss of wage is £110 for the day) I get a text message at 6am saying no engineer visit is required as I have line and socket in the property already.
    Im sure you will come back with 'an engineer was needed to work at the exchange' I find it hard to believe that a manned exchange required an engineer to carry out £130 worth of work for me alone considering the exchange covers the newark area.

    Then im assured my BT vision equipment would be delivered by 6pm that day so figured a day off work wasnt completely lost.
    IT DIDNT ARRIVE and still didnt arrive the following day so I called newark sorting office as the tracking website confirmed it was at newarks depot they informed me that you had sent it to be delivered to my old address despite you already billing me to my new address and that they couldnt redeliver as it was a tracked item so I would have to collect in person (this cost not only my time but £20 in fuel).

    Further more after setting up my BT vision I learn that my broadband speed was less than 2 meg so wasnt capable of streaming service.

    To be quite honest im dissapinted that a multinational company such as yourself can make so many mistakes and also lie about a product to gain a sale and refering to the sales of goods act you have sold me something that not only isnt as described but isnt fit for purpose.

    I have canceled my direct debit until this matter is resolved.

    On a further note I have been putting serious thought into going back to sky and having them supply all services (they have quoted me £40 a month for all services and no set up fees either) I feel as a new customer I have been failed by BT massively and whilst I appreciate I am "tied" into a contract I would be happy to let you claim the cancelation fee through a claims court as I would counter the claim for the miss sold contract and the cost to myself for time off work and having to collect equipment at a cost to myself.

    Whilst I can appreciate mistakes can happen but this is a catalogue of mistakes and certainly not how Id expect a company to carry out business.

    May I say that the customer retention rep I spoke to today was a little more helpful but it should never have been escalated this far.

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