BT Vision, Broadband and phone connection complaint

Dear BT Complaints, I thought I would write to you and make you aware of the issues I have had recently with BT Vision / Broadband and phone connection. The story so far…two letters.

First Letter to BT

I moved on the 5th February 2010 to the above address, not wanting a satellite dish or cable I did some research on BT packages I applied on line for the More Access Package. I then received two letters dated the 3rd February 2010 (copies attached). The letter explained that an engineer would come to my flat and set up ‘everything’. I arranged to take the day of work, on that morning I had a call to explain that the engineer was off sick so would not be able to attend and would be with me the next day at 8 am.

At 10.30 the next day I called and was told that the engineer had been to the exchange and the line was working, it was however not working ,they would try and get an engineer to me. Why the engineer had not called to say that they would not now attend as I was waiting at home did not make sense. Your operator said that if they can fix faults from the exchange it may not be necessary to visit the flat.. If the engineer had called I could have explained that there was indeed a problem as the line was ‘dead’ I could have waited all day for an engineer that was never going to arrive.

A couple of days prior to that I had received two texts from BT which said that the line should be active and call this number if it wasn’t. Well it wasn’t so I called the number it was not answered until 10.30 I had received the text early morning, when it was eventually answered I was told not to worry and the engineer would sort it out when they came.

I was now waiting at home day two with no sign of an engineer, no BT Vision Box and no Broad band router. I phoned your call centre and this time the call was picked up by your Indian centre. The lady was unable to understand my query so I spoke to a supervisor Praven I explained the situation for about the fifth time. Praven said he would sort it out personally and call me back in 30 minutes. I received a call from the call centre not Praven. He had promised to handle it personally, I refused to speak with the lady and spoke to Praven, he could not understand why I would not speak with his staff I explained that he had promised to deal with me personally.

At this point a BT van pulled up outside it was an engineer, she came in to fix the fault. She was great. It was then I realised that she was just hear to correct the fault not to install BT Vision or Broadband. She fixed the line and left, I called BT to see where my equipment was:

  • Vision Box not dispatched
  • Broadband sent to wrong address and was on way back to BT.

The operator re ordered the Broadband Router and confirmed that the Vision Box would be sent to my work address as I could not take any more time from work.

Broadband has now arrived and was easy to set up; Vision Box arrived last week and was easy to set up.

I sat down last night to see what I could do with BT Vision, not a lot everything I wanted to do was chargeable, even 99p to watch a replay of a programme I had watched in the week. I could not see what the ‘More Access Package’ included; it seemed to be absolute rubbish. I considered cancelling it. I phoned BT to see what indeed I had. I can tell you what I didn’t have:

  • The More Package
  • Free calls daytime weekend and evening
  • Replay
  • Picture Box
  • Kids
  • Sport
  • Music

I had not been given any pack and was on the basic option. The operator was unable to give me the More access package as that was an internet package and offered the Silver package which was new to me. She explained that it was the same. She could not set me up last night as I had an ‘open order’ So will call me back tonight to go through the application when I have already completed this on line several weeks ago……

I think you can see that this has been the most complicated, stressful and difficult application for something which on line looked so easy. I wish now that I had applied to Sky or Virgin.

I have been promised three months free line rental however I have no doubt that I will indeed be charged, and this offer from BT was made before the latest errors.

Iam writing really as I would like the whole process from application on line to installation reviewed as I think it has several serious downfalls. As a customer it has not been easy, pleasant or in any way enjoyable. As off now I still have no BT Vision.

Second Letter to BT
I write further to my letter of the 25th February 2010. As of yesterday I was waiting a call last night from one of your agents to correct my BT Vision and phone package. I had been told that it would be around 5.30pm. At 7.39pm I called your customer services after about 10 to 15 minutes to get through the agent could not tell me any information as there was still an open order.

This was now getting silly and very frustrating I asked to cancel my agreement and obtain my MAC code. I was transferred after another long long wait to Brian Faughy who took all my details and said ‘is it ok if I put you on hold?’ I said that was fine and what did he do ??? put me back in the phone queue. After another 10 minutes the call was answered by Anna who refused to help me if I could not supply my account number. I asked to be transferred to a supervisor and was put through to Shaila.

Was very nice and again I had to explain all my problems, she then transferred me after a long wait to Lee in your cancellation department. Lee was the most helpful and I thought understanding guy I had spoken to at your company. He understood but it was not in his power to help or put it right. He gave me a MAC code and I ended the call at 9pm.

I was stressed and angry I think the Brian Faughy incident was the final straw. This morning I have signed up with Plusnet for Broadband and Telephone and I really cannot face dealing with your company any more. I have cancelled the direct debit. I would ask that the final bill does not include any costs for calls made as I should have been on the free calls anytime package. Infact if I receive any bill for this fiasco I will be very annoyed. I think that you should pay me compensation for the two days spent waiting for your engineers and the many hours I have spent on the phone trying to sort this out. Please do look at my phone usage to see how long it has taken me to get to this point.

I guess I am more disappointed with the service I have received from some of your staff, why there is not a single person that could have helped make this an easy transition I do not know

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  1. I empathise with you but beware you have had an engineer visit you are you aware that blantant theft will charge you £213. for one of their engineers to step over your threshold!! When you complain they will say the charges are clearly stated on our website and yes you have agreed to them. If you want revenge as I do next time you are in a shopping centre look for the BT idiots trying to rake up new salesthen go up to them and put off the new customers with your horror story. Believe me its the only way. BTs customer service dept is made up of robots that all say the same thing. Refer it to otello and you will wait up to 9 months and they will agree with BT! I wish you luck.

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