BT Vision and Broadband bundle complaint

Latest complaint sent in regarding BT Vision and Broadband bundle.

Dear Sir

I’ve had it up to here with the nightmare that has been our BT Vision and Broadband bundle. See complaint below. 2 weeks later and engineers on the Network Faults department keep fobbing us off with ‘system needs another 24 hours to settle down’. Our speed varies from 300 kbps to 1.7 mbps. I have been on the phone for 60 mins just now trying to register a complaint, but no joy!

At our wits end! We would settle for 2 mbps speed and forget BT Vision that got cut off over the bank holiday weekend,and get a refund for both, but the engineers keep telling us to give them another 24 hours.

Can you help?

Nick Mifsud

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  • I am utterly appaled by the TOTAL LACK of service from BT vision. I have cancelled my contract with them because of this and all of a sudden my record function stops working on the box. They then inform me , which is an absolute joke, that the record function ONLY works when you have an account with them.
    I will NEVER NEVER EVER refer anyone to them after this fiasco. When I called to complain all I got was some VERY RUDE person who simply put the phone down whern they could not help me. Subscribe to them ever again ? NEVER

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