BT unhappy about Virgin Media 50mb Broadband Speeds

Virgin Media’s advertising campaign for its 50Mb broadband has been okayed by the ASA after rival broadband operator BT logged an official complaint.

Boasting “the fastest broadband in the UK”, the campaign has comprised of press ads, posters and Samuel L. Jackson-front TV adverts.

BT however were not impressed with the boast, claiming the 50Mb speeds were not the fastest and its Ebbsfleet Valley 100Mb pilot scheme was.

The Advertising Standards Authority has dismissed BT’s complaint as BT’s 100Mb offering is a very limited trial whereas Virgin’s 50Mb broadband is available to over 5 million homes and is due to be extended to many more soon.

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  • Sir,
    I am an Ex BT employee of 36years service,and was shocked to receive a letter from you concerning a package I have had since I worked for your company. The package was 3way Calling ,Call Waiting and Call Diversion. This package was given to us free if we trialed it. I have been a pensioner since 1992 and I find it in very poor taste for this reason. It states on the bottom of the letter THANKS FOR BEING WITH BT. I think it would be more fitting if you changed it to DON'T ASK FOR TOO MUCH!!!! Come on BT It costs you NOTHING to provide this sevice just a few key operations on your computers and I know because I used to provide the services.

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