BT Twin Value Plan Complaint

A BT complaint sent in today regarding Twin Value Plan covering Call Waiting and Caller Display.

Dear Sir

I have a complaint regarding the “Twin Value Plan”. My bills have shown this item for many years – with no description of what the plan actually means. I finally got around to querying exactly what this item covers – and am not happy with what this has revealed.

I registered my account online this morning – and this allowed me to check my account details directly. Not only did this not show “Twin Value Plan”, your website contained no details at all about this phrase – and my account details showed that I don’t have any calling features, with the phrase “sorry you don’t currently have any Calling Features”.

I was forced to call your “helpline”. None of the automated routes led anywhere useful, but I eventually managed to speak to an actual operator. She informed me that the Twin Value Plan covers Call Waiting and Caller Display. She immediately offered to remove these services and refund the money for this bill. She was unable to answer my query regarding previous bills, or how long I have been paying for this service, or whether the service still exists.

My concern is that I unknowingly have been paying for a service which notonly have I never used, but which in fact BT do not support, and that I have been paying for this at over £5 a month for many years. I would like a full explanation of the service that I have been paying for, and what this has provided me with over my many years as a BT customer.

Response: I have been told that I should have notified BT that I didn’t want the services, and offered 4 quarters compensation. No explanation of how much I have over paid (I signed up for Twin Value Plan at the start of 1998!)

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  • I am having a similar experience with my twin value plan charge which does not correspond to anything listed under products and services or tariffs on the website. My Bt Infinity 1 rental is also not what is listed on the website

  • Me too, having a lot of trouble with BT and checked my online bill for something else, saw Twin Plan couldn't find out what it entailed.

  • looks like this is still going on. I've just found Twin Value Plan on my bill – its now £5.60 per month. How can they put the prices up on something that doesn't work. The number definately doesn't display on the phone and I don't know anything about call waiting. Linda

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