BT tops complaints league for broadband and pay-TV users

bt complaints
bt complaints

BT was the most complained about broadband provider in the first three months of 2017 as customers took the company to task over faults and service issues. Telecoms regulator Ofcom, which publishes complaints data every three months, also found BT to be the most criticised pay-TV company, with almost four times the industry average complaint level.

BT received 34 complaints per 100,000 subscribers about its broadband service in the first quarter, well ahead of the UK industry average of 21. Its broadband service has topped the regulator’s complaints table since the first quarter of 2016.

In March 2017, Ofcom fined BT £42m and is forcing it to pay £300m in compensation to rivals over delays in subsidiary Openreach, which controls the UK broadband infrastructure network, installing high-speed internet connections to their customers. BT’s subsidiaries Plusnet and EE were the third and fourth most-complained about broadband suppliers, with 25 and 24 complaints per 100,000 subscribers respectively.

Ofcom found that Sky had the fewest disgruntled broadband customers, with just eight complaints per 100,000 subscribers, followed by Virgin Media with 13.

In a bad quarter for consumer dissatisfaction, BT also once again topped the pay-TV complaints list with 19 per 100,000 – almost four times the industry average of just five complaints per 100,000 subscribers.

BT’s service is getting worse, with the 19 average complaints lodged in the first quarter up on the 17 per 100,000 that made the company the most criticised pay-TV company in the last quarter of 2016.


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  • We have been fifteen days without broadband or land line after asking for a switch from Sky. What a mistake we made! I am on the verge of cancelling the order, and frothing with rage at having been robbed off so long with scripted apologies for absolute, appalling, barely credible incompetence. It’s not the poor erks who have to work the system, it’s the system. This is how BT used to behave in the seventies, when it was British Telecom, and no one who didn’t already have a phone could ever hope to get one; while no one who did have a phone could expect a fault to be dealt with in anything less than geological time.

  • Hey guess what .. shocking broadband speed then it stopped altogether but it was OK cause BY fixed it! It said so on their email that I could finally read.. after several days! But hey shame about the Wifi that no longer works.. at all single city here.. so guess what broadband speed is fast yep honest but wifi not working so that’s useless then but hey they don’t guarantee wifi so back to cables for me oh and now going to charge me for putting more hard line connections in .. charged me extra last year for the soopa dooopa Wifi Poopa scoopa That was going to change my life .. off to buy shares! On not from home tho ..

  • After over 8 months of broadband problems and being told half truths and down right lies from BT staff I despair. Nobody at BT seems to be at all concerned about the extremely poor level of service I can only assume this is acceptable/normal to BT

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