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This is the latest BT complaint I have received regarding British Telecom and the poor service they are providing many customers.

Dear Sir/Madam

I am writing to inform you of the terrible service I have received form bt over the last 3 months and to inform you that I am still waiting for a refund of £124.99 since 17th September.

I decided I wanted to join BT to take advantage of the offer sky are providing of free broadband if you have the full package and have a bt line. I do not have a BT line to my house and haven’t since I moved in 18months ago. There is no BT line from the telegraph pole to my house.

On the 7th August I rang and ordered and paid the full amount of £124.99 to have an engineer come out and install a line. I explained to the customer service the situation, for some reason I was cut off just after I made my payment and given all my security questions. I rang straight back and spoke to someone else who said this had not been done and I needed to place a new order the next day and they would call me back and arrange this. Which they did.

An Engineer was booked for 26th August 8am – 1pm. For some reason this was cancelled due to a computer error. The next engineer was booked 3rd September 1pm – 6pm. I rang on the morning to check the engineer was booked and was informed it was. I then rang back at 6pm as no engineer had turned up and was told that there had been a mistake and the engineer had not been informed of the booking. The next engineer was booked for 16th September 8am – 1pm. Again I rang to ensure the engineer had been booked, again I was told they had. At 1pm I rang again as no engineer had turned up I was informed that my line was active and had been since 3rd September and there was no need for an engineer to come. I then explained the situation and said I did not have a telephone line to my house so my line could not be active. I then informed customer service that I no longer wanted to have BT installed and wanted a full refund of my engineers fee. I was then cut off. It took me to the next day 17th September 7pm to get through where I was told a request for a refund was being made.

It is now 4th November and I am still waiting for my refund of £124.99. I have lost count of the amount of times I have rang to find out when I will be receiving my cheque each time I am told it is on the way. Meanwhile I am getting charged on this payment as I paid it on my credit card. Bt have also taken a direct debit payment of £44 out of my account which I have since recalled through my direct debit guarantee. So not only have I paid £124.99 for a service I am not receiving but you have taken direct debit payments on a service I am not receiving.

I have enclosed a copy of all the correspondence I have received from bt in the last 3 months.

If I have not heard from you within 4 weeks I will have no option but to seek legal advice.

Yours truly,

Samantha Parr

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  • Further to Samantha Parrs letter re the terrible customer service from BT can I suggest she emails This is the chairmans office and the staff are very helpful, I have myself wasted hours trying to get through to customer services, only to get India and not to be understood. The chairmans office has been extremely helpful and sorted out my numerous problems caused by customer services themselves. Try it, it might just get you your money back. Kay

  • I have a BT Anywhere contract- on 5th November 2008 my BT provided mobile phone developed a fault so I contacted BT mobile. I was advised that an envelope would be sent to me in which to return the phone for repair, the envelope would reach me by Friday 7th, no envelope arrived, nor did one arrive the day following. On Sunday 9th and again 10th I sent e-mails to them but received no response, however on wednesday 12th an envelope arrived and the following day I sent the phone away. On Tuesday 18th November a courier arrived with a “swapit” package containing my mobile telephone, but he could not leave it as he needed me to give him the phone that he had in his hand so that he could send it back to BT. I immediately contacted BT and was advised that unfortunately I would not receive my phone back now until the 20th, but the person to whom I spoke assurred me that I would receive a phone call on the evening of the 20th to (a) ensure that I had received the phone and (b) it was working correctly, I am still also awaiting that call. It had taken 15 days to accomplish a repair which according to BT would be completed in 5 days, I therefore complained. On Saturday 29th November I received a phone call from BT customer services regarding my complaint and the person to whom I spoke apologised and said my complaint would be sent to BT Mobile for them to deal with. I now find out that my complaint was logged as being dealt with and was closed. I have now re-advised that person, I want a written response to my written complaint and my account adjusting for the period I did not receive the service which they charged me for. This was the third time this year I have needed to complain to BT about the disgraceful way they deal with their customers. An earlier complaint was in respect of the period of time it took (7 weeks) to obtain a refund for faulty goods I was supplied with from the BT shop.

  • Every 6-8 weeks speed drops to 150-200KB/S I phone BT follow all of the steps in other posts on this siteNothing. 24/48 hours later I have 2000+KB/S. If I phone and check nothing no filter changes or fronts unscrewd fromsockets..still works. Paying for total broadband and getting low speed dial up. As long as BT own the cable they call all the shots.

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