BT Telephone Line for New House Complaint

A BT Complaint regarding poor customer service when all that was required was a telephone line set up for a new house.

Dear Sir

All we wanted was a telephone line at our new home ! When I originally called the home move department to tell them I was moving I was told there would be no problem – I was even given the new number for the new house. Then, after moving and wondering how this two week transfer progress was progressing, I was told it had been canceled. I had to call them to find that out – they would have just left me wondering and waiting !

With no BT line I have no broadband (I’m with AOL broadband) and I work from home. Hours of calls later and goodness knows how much on mobile phone bills, and pay as you go mobile internet, I was told an engineer had to come out to switch the line on and that he couldn’t come out for another 3 weeks and it would cost me £122 ! Sky came out within a week, fixed a new satellite dish to the roof of my house, drilled holes through walls and connected my TV service all for FREE !

Two weeks ago, BT told me that I had a credit balance of £60 and that they would send this to me within 5 days. Upon calling them today, they tell me I wont get my money for 21 days ! AND after living in my new home for 4 weeks, I now discover that BT haven’t even switched the line off at my old house !

Their customer service has, at best, been useless, they have lied and been rude to us and we have been customers for years, all I wanted was a phone line – is that too much to ask?

I’m writing them a complaint letter today although I doubt very much whether I’ll even get a reply.

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  • I am waiting for BT to fit a line into my house, I ordered it in feb. an engineer was supposed to come the 8th of march and we got a no show, after a few telephone calls i was told they needed to send a specialist engineer out so had cancelled that appointment but didnt let me know. the other engineer should of come out on the 10th march and then let me know when they were putting my line in, no phone call no e-mail and still waiting!! have put a complaint in to them of which they left a message on my mobile saying they had sent me an e-mail about the complaint, surprisingly no e-mail,though direct debit sorted out by the end of feb. amazing!!!

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