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A frequent BT complaint we receive is that BT do not turn up to telephone line activation appointments leading to customer frustration. Here is the most recent complaint we have received about BT and their poor customer service skills…

Dear Sir/Madam

I had an appointment booked with BT for a month to have my phone line activated. The confirmed time was between 1pm – 6pm. Before the appointment, on two seperate occasions I called BT specifically to advise that I be contacted on my mobile 30mins prior to the engineer turning up at my doorstep, as taking a full afternoon off work was difficult. On both these occasions the BT representative confirmed my mobile number has been entered in the system and the engineer will call me 30mins before arriving.

On the day I was able to finish work early (with difficulty) and wait at home for the call. At 5pm I called BT to confirm if the engineer was on his way and the representative again said the call was open and I was due a call from the engineer anytime soon. Then at 6:30pm I called again only to be told the engineer had updated the call saying he visited my house twice (at 1pm and again at 3pm) and that my mobile number had not been entered on the system and there was no note advising the engineer to call me.

Furious at BT’s incompetence I asked to speak to the manager. I was then transferred to Ms. Richardson, team manager who apologised profusely and promised to get everything sorted and give me a call back first thing in the morning with a rescheduled appointment.

So the next morning I waited for a call and heard nothing. Eventually at lunchtime I called for an update and demanded to speak to a manager. I spoke to someone in India who advised he can see Ms. Richardson had updated the call in the morning and was working on it and to wait for her to contact me. I asked for her direct number and was provided this.

I called the number provided and someone called Rob answered. When I asked to speak to Ms. Richardson, Rob advised she had not been in the office that morning and he didn’t know when she would be back. I was furious at this point as not only had my simple instructions of a call to my mobile not been followed but I had been lied to twice. Firstly by Ms. Richardson who promised she would call me first thing in the morning (she must have known she wasn’t at work in the morning/all day) then again by the person in India who said he could see Ms. Richardson working on the call.

I asked Rob to leave an urgent message for Ms. Richardson to call me back and three days on I’m still waiting.

I rely heavily on the internet and was patiently awaiting an active line so I could be online again. I am without an active phone line for over a month now which also means no internet. I am absolutely appalled by BT’s customer service and how I have been treated during this time.

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