BT Telephone Connection Fee Complaint

Here is yet another BT complaint regarding the BT telephone line connection fee charges and poor customer services.

Dear Sir

I’ve been a BT customer for over ten years now and moved house in February 2009. I was told I would have to pay a connection fee of £120 as there was no existing line, which seemed very odd to me as the previous tenant was our landlord and he had had a line just three weeks before we moved in.

A BT engineer then came over and said he didn’t know why he had been sent there as there was a working line already. Once the engine had left I called BT and they said ‘That could not be possible’ and the engineer ‘would not say that’. I did not want to argue and paid the re-connection charge.

I moved again last Thursday and am being told I need to pay again. You see the problem is I know the lady who lived here before me and she had a BT line only some weeks ago and we had one of her bills come through from BT last week.

I spoke to one of your customer service advisors and they said I would just have to cancel the line or pay. I have canceled the line. I will not let BT take liberties with me and keep lying to me to try and make more money out of me.

I think it is ridiculous that your company is willing to loose a customer who has been with you over £120 not taking into account the money you could me making over the next ten years to come.

I will be reporting these incidents to OFCOM and others.

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  • Exactly the same thing happened to us.

    Our trouble was that we needed the internet and in our area, BT line is the only way to go. So we had no other choice but to pay.

    We complaint several times to Ombudsman but to no avail. They are on their side. Otherwise it is not possible that the Ombudsman would be so blind to so many repetitive cases.

    Good luck with your case and if you can avoid BT, do it. I'm canceling this year and moving to another provider. Finally I can do it!

  • We had a similar experience recently. Were told that the prperty had not ever been connected to the telephone system. I pointed ou that the number was in the phone book for that adress. The customer service operator then said that there must have been home improvement work carried out and the line was cut. We had to suffer a week without a phone. When the engineer arrived he did not ahve to carry out any work just switch thw switch at the junction box. When I contacted BT they said their policy was that if an engineer is called out the connection fee is payable even if it is their fault. After some persistance and suggesting that this policy is morally wrong I have been promised that the charge will be removed. I do however have to contact them once I receive my bill for them to do this, despite it being a paperless bill system!!

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