BT Telephone Calls Divert Complaint

A BT complaint sent in today from an unhappy cab business who is being messed around by BT customer service in every was possible. His frustration is clear and who can blame him. Here is his complaint….

Dear Sir

I was contacted some time ago in early November 2009 by Louise Wood from BT sales offering me to change my suppler to BT. I did explain that i’m happy with opal my supplier but she offered two blueberry mobiles with free calls to and from landline and all call diverts are free which is beneficial to my cab business as it will save me on mobile bills. I therefore agreed to move my phone supplier to BT within 2 hours.

Louise wood then phoned me again informing me that she could not offer me the mobile package. After I explained to her i’m better off with opal and wished to cancel the package, she canceled the package and thought that was the end of it.

A number of days later I got a letter welcoming me to BT and informing me of the date of transfer of the phone lines! After spending some hours ringing different BT departments,  I was assured they will not claim the supply from opal. As I explained, I do call divert all day every Sunday and every night from 12am to 7 am. I was informed by my office manager at midnight that they could not divert the phones so I came into office and I had to stay there all night as the divert had been taken off. When I contacted opal they said BT is my supplier and nothing to do with them. I explained what had happened and they told me that I must speak to BT to resolve.

I telephoned BT for over 2 weeks explaining that i’m at a financial lose as I have to employ a night operator at £50 per night as I have no call divert which should never happen. I did not ask BT to supply me with this service and even the package Louise offered had no call divert included!

After 2 to 3 weeks I spoken to a senior department manager who assured me the phone lines will be back to opal and I will get compensations when I will receive the claims form which I never received. I have been receiving monthly itemised bills from opal and it has been paid every month until weds 20/01/10 when I received a letter saying I have to pay £147.30 because another provider as taken over.

BT…I never ask you to take my phonelines. I’ve spoken from West Midland to India for over 8 Hrs in total. I was on the phone been passed from person to person until I spoken to James from complaints department on 20/01/10 ref:SW 124147863 who assured me he will investigate it and call me back with 24 to 48 hrs. I have not heard from him as yet but today 21/01/10 I received another bill from BT
for £75.76! for what…I also received an opal bill!

I am writing this complaint as i’m getting totally fed up with BT and there so called customers care. I’m losing business and money and if I lose the call divert again I have no option but to take legal action!

Salah Elfar

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  • On hearing the word BT everyone should hang up they are possibly the worst company with the worst staff in the UK. The trouble is now you have the bill if you dont pay they will refer you to the debt collecting company!! There customer complaints department is filled with automomatoms who put you into deadlock before hearing your case! they never phone you back and sending e mails to the CEO is also a waste of time. Same applys to otelo who mostly side with BT. Hope you get it sorted I emphasize ive been there too! But NEVER again seeing anything connected to BT now infuriates me. Good luck mate you will need it

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