BT Telephone Broadband Complaint

Here is the latest British Telecom complaint I have received.

Dear Sir,

I want to share some of my frustrations with BT with you. I am a BT customer for a very long time. I used so far only two services:

  1. Telephone
  2. Broadband

I had two landlines as I was used to e-mail a lot prior to the dates of broadband. I was contacted by Virgin about their new fiber optics system and this appealed to me, especially as they not only promised significantly improved speeds, but also because they were by far the cheapest.

However they were giving me some misleading information regarding the need to bring a cable into the house above the ground and the on-going use of my build-in telephone line extensions.

So I decided to try what BT had on offer. I am afraid I am going to regret that. I did that with great trepidation as I had a previous bad experience with BT.

Anyhow, talking to the sales department I decided to go for a new deal which would include telephone, broadband, TV and Internet phone. Having agreed the total package I went ahead. What surprised me and I still cannot get over it is the fact that they never confirmed the deal in writing. When I raised the matter with all the departments and also sent in a number of complaints, they simply shrugged the shoulders. Obviously the individual departments can not do anything about it, how much they may sympathize with you and / or apologize. It is the management that is not fit for purpose here.

That was, however, only the beginning and the old problem with BT raised its head straight away. Each and every section of BT is apparently P/L accountable and there is no coordination available whatsoever. So for each and every action you need as the customer to work yourself through a jungle of telephone numbers and options before you get to the person, you hope, can help you.

Although I had agreed a deal, literally each and every department confirmed their services wrongly and I had to spend hours and hour on the phone to get it sorted.

  1. BT Vision gave me the wrong package. They could not amend that, but told me to call them back once they had implemented the wrong package in order to correct it. What an efficiency. And even then them managed to get it wrong.
  2. The Internet phone section gave me within two days two numbers for the phone and two different passwords. Their website claimed that you could not have a password starting with a number, but twice they sent me a password that started with a number. And of course once I had amended the password to my own password, the system would not let me in. This matter has been addressed at least 5 times by now, each time I get a temporary solution and then we are back to square one. The kind of conservations I had are good enough for a comic book if the actual facts were not so depressing. They simply cannot get it right, still not after 4 weeks! In order to get rid of the second number for the same phone, I had to call BT time after time. And in the end I got a letter saying that they had canceled the phone altogether. So more phone calls, more aggravation before they got it finally right.
  3. According to the advice of one of the sales people, with obviously fast experience, I was told to change over my broadband from the landline to the other before terminating that line. Very true, because I had tried that one before and got into all sorts of trouble such as being disconnected on both phones for some time. So I did exactly that, and it worked. So that made my day, I was exhilarated. But not for long. I had to chase them to disconnect the superfluous landline, it was just not going to happen as they told me it would.
  4. And now we have even more fun. I got my new e-bill and to my amazement I was charged £ 618!!! Of which two charges for BB commitment of £ 268 each. When I contacted BT they admitted this was an error, but could not explain why they charged me twice. This prompted me to call my bank and immediately cancel all direct debits with BT. Then after analyzing the bills in greater details I found out that the double charged me. I am still in discussions with them. They have no clue what they are doing.

BT is a totally mismanaged and disorganized company and I forecasted that it would not take long, especially in today’s climate, that they would have to announce redundancies. And low and behold, the first 10,000 have to go. And this will not be the last.

It is a shame really and I am amazed that nobody seems to see this coming.

Best regards,

Gerko Pietzsch

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