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Submitted by Gerald in November 2016

Letter received from BT with offer to take up BT Sport on my TV for no extra monthly cost.

Having experienced problems at certain times with drop outs whilst watching football on my lap top, I decided to take up the offer in the letter. I telephoned 0800 389 8415 on 24.11.16, when I eventually got through, I was answered by a BT operative, who seemed to have an Irish accent? he spoke so rapidly that I had trouble understanding what he was telling me, since the offer was quite clear in the letter, for a one off fee of £9.99 I would be sent a sport set top box, which would enable me to watch bt sport on my TV.

He seemed to be telling me that would be receiving other programmes as well as sport, and after trying to decide if I needed just an aerial or a Wi-Fi unit to receive the signal wirelessly, I ended up agreeing to spend a further £20.00 on top of the £9.99. I had to keep interrupting this man as I had great difficulty in understanding him, and although I got him to repeat what he was saying several times I was no wiser.

At the age of 79 I am not able to deal with too much stress and this experience in my opinion was too stressful to cope with. How do we stop this kind of pressure selling, ? it seems to me that BT need to completely overhaul the way they deal with complaints, as their on line service just sends you around in circles without ever getting to the point you need to make. Even the ‘speak with an agent’ cant be activated, because it wont accept any question unless it is 240 character at least, I had several attempts at filling in the box with my complaint, but it was rejected as not meeting the 240 characters required. Why?

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