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British Telecom need to wake up and fix their problems before they lose even more customers to competitors like Virgin. Here is the latest complaint that I have received against BT.


I have had an on going dispute with BT since Feb 2008. The problem began when a quarterly direct debit tried to be obtained from my Natwest bank account. I have always paid a monthly direct debit as I am a single mum who cannot afford to pay out large sums of money.

The 1st payment of £96 did not go out my bank because there was insufficient funds, this is because I allowed for a monthly payment to go out of £26 as normal. As a result of this mistake from BT I was charged nearly £100 in total from my bank in unpaid direct debits. I of course contacted BT asap to resolve the problem, I was assured that it had been sorted out and that no more payments would be taken and all future payments would be monthly, however the following week BT attempted for a second time to take a payment of £96 again this resulted in many charges all of which I have proof of.

In total I was charged nearly £200 in the space of two weeks, my child tax credit money was taken up to pay charges and my child benefit money was also used to pay all the charges, as i stated I am a single mum and this money is all I have to live on.

After numerous phone calls to BT and 4 letters which included my bank statements as proof of charges as a results of BT mistakes I have still not had my complaint dealt with. I have rang numerous times and every person I have spoken to has been very unhelpful, on one occasion the man I was talking to hung up on me which was very rude.

This situation has gone on for far to long, and as I am sure you are aware I will not be dropping the matter until I have received my money back that I lost and possible compensation for the months of unhappiness and stress that BT has caused me.

I was forced to leave BT because of this difficult situation, which was more added time and expense. I did not want to leave because I was generally happy with the phone and broadband service that BT had provided me with for quite some time.

I would please like a response to this email and a possible solution to this matter otherwise I will be forced to contact the Telecommunications Ombudsman so get the situation resolved to my satisfaction.

Many thanks for your time and I hope to hear from you soon.

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  • hi i have been with bt for over 2 years for my home phone.
    all was running ok till i decided to take their broadband and vision services . first my bt vision bill went to my old address even thou the services was at my currant address. than they cut my phone off and said my bill was over due but it wasn,t due to be paid till 30th of the month and they cut it off on the 3rd.because of this a also lost my other bt services like broadband and vision the lady at customer services was nice and my services was back on till 2 days later where they cut it off. i called bt to be told my account no and home phone number does not show on their systerm and i,ve never been a customer. after holding on for almost 2 hours and speaking to 11 differant people no one could help me i have since wrote in with no outcome.

    working mum with 3 children and full time uni student.

  • We sold our business on 30/04/10 to new owners, the new owners took over the phone line and broadband line and we were assured by BT that all had been sorted along with cancellation of our contract and new one for the new owners…the business name remained the same….we paid off what we owed…afterwhich we have received loads of bills for the one bill account for may, june, july, and august etc…at our home address in my name, my husbands name….the contact on the bills are the new owners names….we have various references in respect of numerous complaints to BT, by telephone and email etc….and today the 4/12/10 we have again received copy bills to my husband at our home address and the contact name is the new owner….where can we go next…I have filled out the enquiry form to otelo today and yet another complaint to BT…what can we do now…oh yes a threatening email from BT as well demanding we pay the money owed…please advise….we have had enough….

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