BT Smarthub 6 not working

Submitted by Ann in November 2016

The software on my smarthub is unresponsive, the hardware is working correctly, but i’m unable to make changes or access settings via the smarthomehub homepage. I’ve spoken to your ‘tech team’ who suggested the issue was with my PC.

I confirmed I was unable to access the homehub via a PC, Mac, iPad, Android tablet or either of my mobile phones. The tech insisted it was my pc that was the problem. When I asked to speak to a manager I was told no – he would say the same thing and it was obviously my PC. I’m now left being unable to connect new devices to the hub, it constantly freezes and it’s still not resolved.

I do have the call recorded as I record all calls I make if you wish to hear the conversation.

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  • Hi Ann
    I had a similar issue with no escalation process and after a number of calls I turned to this site for advise.
    Under complaint tips you will find the email address of the BT CEO and within a couple of hours of emailing him I was contacted by the UK based “executive level complaints team” who took care of the issue and contacted me continuously until it was resolved.

    Trust this helps

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