BT slow broadband complaint

Here is another slow BT broadband complaint to share with you all….

How do BT get away with it?
We called BT who were unwilling to help with a fault of slow broadband and noisy line and blamed it on our equipment. BT then quoted us £115 callout and £99 per hour (or part hour even!) – utterly crazy unless you are a millionaire!

If it wasn’t for a local independent engineer we would have been stuffed. The Independent engineer who we found on google (Landline Man – who came was brilliant and diagnosed it as External Fault (when BT said it wasnt), BT came out a few days later and lo and behold it was external and they fixed it for free.

So the motto is, don’t believe BT if they say its internal and never get them to come for a fault as you could be looking at a bill of £200 or more just to tell you where the fault is!

David from Monmouth

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  • The BT Network, run by BT Wholesale, who by the way, just in case you are confused, isnt the same company as BT Retail, they just share the BT bit… Dont upgrade their equipment when the should.

    After Months of recieving slow speeds from BT, I eventually got to the bottom of my slow speed issue.

    BT had set a maximum bandwidth for my virtual path at the exchange of 22Mb/s… Meaning that on a contention ratio of 20:1 – But can only ever deliver a maximum of 1Mb/s to their customers during the day, 9am-2am.

  • My local exchange is Preston (Dorset) Code: STPRSTN
    Virtual paths: Red and the ETA fix time shown is: 10 Oct 09
    This date has long passed, I have spoken to Plusnet support and they say there is nothing they can do.
    How can I do anything about this, who can I contact?
    My speeds varied between 1266 kbps and 5955 kbps yesterday (30/10/2009). It may not be relevant but there is a doctor's surgery next to the exchange who have a link to another surgery in the town (they are both part of the same practice).
    The IP Profile for my line is – 6500 Kbps and I have been able to achieve that sort of figure in the past.
    I am just frustrated that I can't find any information on BT Customer Services who deal with exchange problems.
    Any suggestions, please.

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