BT Rude Customer Service Complaint

Dear BT, I’ve received a telephone call from your customer complaints department today in response to the e-mail you kindly forwarded to me.

To say that I was surprised would be an understatement! I had the uncomfortable impression that I was being told off, I can honestly say that the rude and abrupt manner of the person who called me was totally uncalled for.

After being told to listen to him (basically he may have well told me to shut up) he eventually listen to what I had to say.

  • He firstly told me that a customer complaints colleague who used to be and engineer for 20 years has looked at the photos and found absolutely nothing wrong with the installation.

  • He asked me if the cupboard had a door on it? I replied yes then he suggested that the equipment was not on the floor so I could basically shut the door!

  • He stated that the photos show that the installation was fitted correctly. In the opinion of the himself and the ex engineer!

  • He asked me why it has taken me a year to complain? I asked him if he had read my complaint?

I am amazed that this person works for the customer complaints department but going on my experience with BT over the past few months not surprised. If they actually listen to the customer they may be able to understand and resolve the complaint to hand.

The conversation was a lengthy one and I asked him to send me a letter stating that the installation was perfect. This letter I will then forward to trading standards and our legal department. He told me he would have to revert to his ex engineer colleague and if his opinion was the same then he would send one.

I asked if he could send an engineer out to give him the opinion of a currently serving engineer and he stated yes but if I agreed to pay for it if the engineer agreed with him. I stated NO I would not. I explained to him that we are a shop and store fitting company and if one of my fitters left an installation like that then I would be embarrassed and would not be treating the customer in his manner.

I am sorry to have to pass this e-mail to you to pass on but as I have stated you are the only one who seems to do anything or take the customers seriously. I have completely lost my faith in BT and have a greater urgency in finding a new supplier for our telephone communications.

Jim has just called me back stating that this is an acceptable installation he is sending this to me via an e-mail as I have requested. This e-mail will be sent to the relevant people to see how we can claim against BT. I will be moving our business from BT as soon as possible.

Please can you forward this to the correct department.

Kind regards
Brett Edwards

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