BT registering someone elses business at my private address but refuse to correct it

Submitted by Kerry in October 2016

I am sick and tired of informing BT that Ltd is not at my private home address and the address they want is in fact 400 yards down the road and my name is Mrs Welsh NOT Brindley. BT refuse to discuss the matter with me because I’m not the business owner and I haven’t ordered the service, despite the fact that they are making arrangements to install a phone line in my home for somebody else.

I’ve been to the said business premises to discuss the matter with them and they apologised for the aggravation and said they would sort it out and give BT the proper address.

I thought it had all been settled and then today I came home to a “sorry we missed you” note from a Openreach engineer that needed access to my premises to complete the installation for Ltd. I am so angry, nobody is listening to me and I’m so frustrated with the incompetence demonstrated by BT.

If this company fail to meet any financial obligations then this would affect my private address, what if Bailiffs come, what if I’m black listed through no fault of my own, this is a horrendous situation.

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