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Dear BT Complaint Blog,

I have had a problem since March 2008 when I returned to BT. My telephone has interference. BT told me the line was OK. We have since purchased 3 new telephones, all have the same interference, same story from BT, they do nothing.

I have also had a problem with my Broadband, around 5 weeks ago they the so called technical department of BT which of course is India. They cannot speak English that you can understand and I cannot understand them.

I have spent approx 35 hrs on the telephone trying to get the problem solved WITHOUT SUCCESS. They have lost (India) all my emails dating back to 2003 which included all myself and my wife’s previous hospital appointments and the future ones, we are both disabled and pensioners, also very important emails were lost.


I was told by Trading Standards to contact the complaints of BT In Durham, STILL NO FIX.

We should never have gone back to BT,I was also told by the sales of BT Vision that I would be able to get previous programmes that had been aired through my contract free. Now I am told this changed in May and you now have to pay.

I explained that I was told a very different story. I was told it does not matter what I was told!

Mr M Ferguson

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